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NEMBA is a community of mountain bikers committed to creating epic riding experiences, preserving open space, and guiding the future of mountain biking in New England.

Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on recreational trails advocacy with 33 Chapters throughout New England and 8,000 members. Our goal is to promote the best that mountain biking has to offer, steward the trail systems where we recreate, and ensure access to open space.

What We’ve Achieved- Our History

  • 1987 NEMBA originated at a public hearing on MTB access in the Boston area.
  • 1991 Trail Day series in the Middlesex Fells begins.
  • 1992 NEMBA incorporates as a Non-Profit.
  • 1996 First NEMBA Trail Grants are awarded.


Graphic of NEMBA organization logo which is a silhouette of a mountain with a trail path going up the mountain.


  • 2010 Carrabassett Region NEMBA becomes the northernmost NEMBA chapter to date. Piscataquis County NEMBA now takes that title.
  • 2020 NEMBA hires its second Executive Director, Travis Counsell.
  • 2021 Travis expands the full time NEMBA Regional staff from 1 to 5.
  • 2022 NEMBA celebrates 35 years, hires its third Executive Director, Nicole Freedman, and expands to 33 local chapters
Photo of old NEMBA logo. Text of "NEMBA" and the "M" resembles a mountain with a cyclist biking up it.


  • 1998 NEMBA Hires Philip Keyes as its first Executive Director and begins the local chapter program with 11 local chapters.
  • 1999 First NEMBAFest at Camp Lydon on Cape Cod. 400 people attended.
  • 2003 NEMBA purchases the Vietnam property. The first MTB group to ever purchase its own land.
  • 2008 NEMBA expands to 18 local chapters.


Graphic of NEMBA organization logo celebrating 35 years. Logo is a silhouette of a mountain with a trail path going up the mountain.