Yellick & Suasco - Stirrup Brook, Northborough

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Yellick & Suasco - Stirrup Brook, Northborough

108 Boundary St
Northborough  Massachusetts  01572
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You can access the Yellick & Suasco trails by parking on Boundary St. in Northborough.  This is mostly an out and back route, although there are a couple lollipop loops you can create where the trails branch off behind the Algonquin High School.  Take the trail out of the dirt lot on Boundary St.  You’ll ride along the perimeter of a farmer’s field before heading back into forest, where you’ll find a few old vintage cars that were left to rust away.  Once you reach the top of this climb, you’ll notice the trail branches.  You should take the right branch down a hill, through another farmer’s field and back into the woods, and will eventually end on Rt. 20.  Head to the west on Rt. 20 (your right from this direction) and cross the road where you see a pull off area with Jersey barriers a short distance up the road, and the entrance to the Stirrup Brook Trail is behind the pull off. 
At the first intersection you encounter, take the left branching trail.  You’ll find that the trails start to get a bit more technical here, with more rock gardens to navigate.  You’ll pop out into a grassy strip and find trails down to your left and up to your right on the other side.  The trail on the right will lead you up to the athletic fields behind the school, while the trail to the left follows the Stirrup Brook.  I recommend taking the left hand trail, although both will eventually lead you to the same place.  If you go to the right and up to the athletic fields, you will need to ride the perimeter of the fields until you find a gate that will give you access back onto the trail network behind the school.  If you take the left branching trail, it will lead you through a field and over a bridge.  There is an intersection just past the bridge, and I normally take the left branch here again.  You can go straight, and it will bring you back to the same trail as if you go left, but you will avoid some of the rock gardens.  The trail crosses several more streams, eventually a large stream with a wide wooden bridge, before heading up a hill and onto Bartlett St.  At this point, I turn around and retrace my path back to Boundary St.

By Brenda Smith

NOTE: The Northborough Trails system is mountain bike friendly with the exception of Cedar Hills and Sawink Farm.  Please do not ride those trails.  Trail maps and trail head locations can be accessed at the following url:  The trails are all similar in terms of terrain and are all good for novice to intermediate riders, with the exception of Mt. Pisgah.

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