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Upton State Forest

205 Westboro Rd
Upton  Massachusetts  01568
United States

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Upton State Forest, also known as “Up-Up State Forest,” offers visitors a natural diversity of flora and fauna accented with historically significant contributions of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The focal point of the forest is located at 205 Westboro Road in Upton, where visitor parking, the main trail head, and park information is available. One has the opportunity to survey the grounds and exterior of a number of CCC structures located at this site.
Once parked in the public lot, make your way to the park entrance and briefly head north to enter Rabbit Run on the west side of the road to immediately experience where Up-Up gets its nickname. Much of Upton’s riding entails a healthy portion of climbing immediately followed by a quick and slightly technical descent. Just wash, rinse, and repeat as you move down Old Hopkinton Spring Trail, Mammoth Rock Trail, and into the southeast corner of the park where various single and double track await you. With little notable technical challenge, Up-Up’s undulating topography and year-round coverage of pine needles may sap some of your strength and provide a good after-work aerobic challenge.
While the majority of the trails in the 2,660-acre park are well-marked, it’s easy to get disoriented within the southern network. The DCR's map is above as well as an Open Street Map which shows more trails including some leading into and out of the forest.

The forest is a bit fragmented, with trails leading from one area to the rest. This becomes clearer on the Open Street Map.

Although there are more than enough trails in the Upton State Forest to keep anyone busy, some people choose to expand their ride by including trails in nearby Whitehall State Park.

– By Fitch Proctor

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