Rocky Woods, Taunton

Southeast MA

Rocky Woods, Taunton

185 Rocky Woods St
Taunton  Massachusetts  02780
United States








Rocky Woods is best described as Rocky Woods.

Rocky Woods in Taunton has over 30 miles of tight, twisty fairly technical singletrack.

There are far too many trails to ride in one day. Some of the trails can be muddy and a few are overgrown with vegetation. While some others have disappeared due to under-use.  You can ride here all year long save for the early spring when many of the trails will be too muddy. Rocky Woods is also home to some good rock climbing.

It would be very easy to get lost in Rocky Woods but some of the trails are marked. While most of the trails are singletracks you'll find some old woods roads too. These are open to four wheel drive vehicles and some are as difficult to ride as singletracks. If you follow them out to local streets you'll get an idea of just how big this area is. One of the jeep roads leads to what is best described as a pump track for 4WDs. It's fun on bikes too.

Expect to spend more than a few days finding all the trails here. And bring a copy of the map. It will help a lot.

The trails are not easy. But if you like challenges you'll find them here. Occasionally you'll even find yourself riding over Puddin' Stone, (congealed molten lava) a rarity in SE Mass.

The singletracks here were in large part made by motorcyclists. Expect to see them out on the trails.

  Bill Boles

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