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Quincy Trails

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Quincy has many choice but small riding areas. You could spend most of a day trying to ride them all. All of them are connectable by short pavement sections that we make the most of. There are ‘logs’ (curb stops) to hop, ‘trees’ (electric light poles) to dodge, and plenty of spastic squirrels to watch out for. But at the end of each paved section there’s another trail—singletrack, doubletrack, squiggly, marshy, backyard, gravelly and some even downright spooky cemetery trails. Some say night is best, some appreciate the early morning light, some prefer the trails close to the bay where the ocean breezes will provide plenty of relief during a hot summer workout.
There are a few ways to get to Quincy’s trails. Being an urban setting, there are plenty of MBTA buses with bike racks on them. If you live in or near Quincy, you can start your ride at home, and pickup trails along the way. Or, if you are driving from somewhere else, there are lots of parking options. Pageant Field at Merrymount Park is the best and safest place, with plenty of parking spaces when there aren’t any ball games going on there. Beechwood Knoll School is another option, when school isn’t in session. Wollaston Beach has hundreds of spaces along the sea wall and various other lots. If you’ve ridden with me in Quincy, you know where I live and are welcome to park there.
Here’s a brief description of a ride you can do anytime:
Black’s Creek Loop is a nice fast flat but interesting ride. Start at Beechwood Knoll School. Head east on Fenno street, or rather on the grass along Fenno, until you reach the Sailor’s Cemetery entrance. This is a peninsula that has an outer marshier loop, and an inner loop that has many little connecting trails. Do both, and you’ll log about 1.25 miles. On a hot summer day, or a cold blustery winter day, just stay there and do loops! There also is a lot of history there with the Sailors Cemetery and a neat Osprey nest built by the scouts. When you’ve seen enough there, head back out towards Fenno, but take a right into the woods before the gate. That will head you back towards the beach. Go right at Quincy Shore Drive and follow the dirt stripe until you reach Caddy Park. Another historical area with inscribed granite stones that provide info on the past. Back along the bike path, check out the tidal flood gates before heading right along Furnace Brook parkway. (At this point, you can opt to ‘drop in’ to the ‘bowl’ and grunt back up to the sidewalk) You’ll see an entrance to the woods on your right. This fun little trail will bring you back along FBP inside the guardrail. At the next intersection, go right again, and right again at the dirt parking lot. Stay right and go through the rock barriers. You’ll go through the boat ramp lot, and up the dirt road. Almost to the top of the road you’ll see a trail on the right, and a quick left. After this there are lots of little options, and some pavement to get you back to Beechwood. I won’t spoil ALL the fun, but just remember as long as the marsh is generally on your right, you can’t get lost!
There are LOTS more places to ride in Quincy, and hopefully I’ll have a better map put together someday. Until then, feel free to explore and, or use the SE Mass NEMBA Facebook page to contact one of us local Quincy riders to show you around!
Steve Cobble

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