Pratt Farm, Middleborough

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Pratt Farm, Middleborough

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Pratt Farm has been a town owned conservation area since 1986. It is trail dense for such a small area. It boasts a few excellent trails for beginners, and has enough singletracks to keep most riders happy. In all there are probably 9 miles of trail in Pratt Farm. And more nearby that you'll discover as you explore. Though you'll have to spend a bit of time here to find everything.

Some of the trails are smooth and easy to ride. But many are root laden and force you to keep your eyes on the trail and not on the surrounding woods. That's too bad as Pratt farm has some very scenic hardwood forest stands and a few small ponds and streams that abound with wildlife.

The TrailForks Map currently shows most of these trails.  The town map above has them all.

In the central part of the farm there's a used-to-be obscure singletrack. It winds around and over the farm's only hill. It's one the farm's most technical trail as it's narrow, somewhat overgrown and has plenty of fallen trees to overcome. The key to finding it is to go to the top of the farm's biggest hill on an old woods road. When you're there the singletrack will be right in front of you going left and right.

For an introduction to Pratt Farm's trails leave the parking area and at the first intersection turn left and follow the loop marked out with red trail markers. This will give you a good introduction to the area and on your second loop try exploring the many side trails that you found the first time around. I always enjoy my rides at pratt farm. Although I don't spend a lot of time here the trails keep calling me back.

              For a dog's impression of Pratt Farm go here.

             Town of Middleborough Pratt Farm Info Page.

The Middleborough Conservation Commission welcomes bikes. But they do request that everyone joins in a common effort to maintain the trails. To that end I always ride here with a small folding saw and hand lopper. That way I'm able to clear most of the deadfalls and overgrowth that I encounter.

From route 24 in Middleborough take the route 44 exit and head East.
              Turn right on route 105, East Main Street, heading towards Middleborough center. Continue 1 mile to the parking lot on your left.

Lots of pedestrians use this area. Especially on weekends. Use cautiion, keep your speed down and we'll always be welcome here. By late spring you will find a lot of poison ivy growing near the old mill site. Use caution or avoid that trail.

By Bill Boles


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