Plainville Conservation Land

Southeast MA

Plainville Conservation Land

154 Everett Skinner Rd
Plainville  Massachusetts  02762
United States
The address above is across the street from the Plainville Beagle Club. The second map shows an alternate parking area about 1000 yards south of there.








Plainville Conservation Land

The trails on these properties abut the Wrentham State Forest to the north.

There are multiple parking areas the best being the two on Everett Skinner Rd.

The best description of these trails is found on the Trailforks page.

Expansive trail network that stretches from Wrentham to North Attleborough, riders will have a great time discovering what Plainville has to offer. The riding area is a conglomerate of various smaller town conservation parcels, plus the southern tip of Wrentham State Forest. No motorized use is permitted on Plainville Conservation land ... however it is permitted on the powerlines that cut through this riding area.

With some TLC, Plainville Conservation has the potential of being one of the premier riding areas in SEMASS. The terrain is a fantastic and deep supply of intermediate riding, with some decent vert and old moto shaping thrown in. This is a "blue heaven" riding area, with more intermediate riding than most people will be able to handle in one day. There is almost no black riding to speak of, and the green riding is mostly limited to the powerline, connecting trails, and spur trails. The two concrete skinnies in the powerline section also are not to be missed. You can rack up a ton of fun miles in here, with a respectable amount of vert.

Speaking about the powerline section, it has some of the easiest and most fun powerline riding you'll find anymore, with fast riding on decent surfaces (by powerline standards).

The section of this riding area that lies east of Everett Skinner Rd. has a series of longer trails that run on top of a few different eskers. The climb up the sides of a couple of the eskers can be quite a challenge, but most of the riding in this part of the map is flowy and rarely interrupted by trail intersections.

Some of the trails in the riding area were developed by Eagle Scouts in the late 1970s. The site of an old cider mill is within the area, as are multiple camping sites.

This riding area is easily linked to other nearby areas, and can be part of an epic long day.

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