Montague Plains

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Montague Plains

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In the mood for a fast spin on some twisty ATV trails with a little single track thrown in, check out the Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area. This area is a favorite place for family rides, since there are few steeps and virtually nothing of a technical nature. What you will find are some water hazards - highland swamps and seasonally some very deep loose sand. The only prominent elevation features are 'Red Rock' and 'Willis Hill'. Willis Hill's trails are badly eroded and therefore seldom climbable, but can be a fun, not too technical downhill. To get to the top, take the Water Tank Trail or the Kaibukus Trail. 'Red Rock' is good in either direction as a climb or downhill for most riders above the beginner level.
Parking is either along the common in Montague Center, or along Industrial Boulevard on the North East side. If you park in Montague Center take the road by the cemetery to the Telephone Trail, and if from the Industrial Park, enter the area via the access road to the Water Tank.
Watch out for hunters during hunting season. (There's no hunting in Massachusetts on Sundays.)

By Harold Green

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