Mary Cummings Park, Burlington

Mary Cummings Park, Burlington

1 Blanchard Rd
Burlington  Massachusetts  01803
United States








Since 1930 Mary Cummings Park has been a peaceful refuge for familys to enjoy. Development around the park since its inception has certainly chnaged the landscape, making the park an ever more valued resource.

The park's 210 acres make it the 12th largest park inside the route 128 beltway. Abutting the park are an additional 75 acres in the Whispering Hills area and another 25 acres called the Quail Run Conservation area.

The trails are mellow, making this a perfect place for family rides and newer riders. The park abuts Northeastern University so on a sunny day you can expect to see quite a few students out on the trails or doing homework on their laptops. You'll always see families with dogs.

This MAP inlcudes a lot of information, including parking suggestions and ongoing construction projects.

You'll enjoy Mary Cummings Park, but don't expect to be challenged by difficult technical trails.

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