Lansing Bennet Forest, Duxbury

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Lansing Bennet Forest, Duxbury

630 Massachusetts 53
Duxbury  Massachusetts  02332
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The Lansing Bennett Forest is one of Duxbury's many conservation areas. It was named for Dr. Lansing Bennett who was the chairman of the Duxbury Conservation Commission from 1967 to 1979.

The forest's 344 acres host about 4 miles of trails including a section of the 200 mile long Bay Circuit Trail.

The trails are for the most part smooth and open. There is one steep hill and one section along Phillips Brook, near an old trout hatchery, that can be muddy in the springtime. Most of this mud however, has been covered by boardwalks.

The trails, with the exception of the Bay Circuit Trail, which is a through trail, form a loop. A few side trails lead out to nearby streets.

The trails have directional markers, in different colors, but it won't take you very long to explore the whole area.
Following the Bay Circuit Trail in either direction can extend your ride almost endlessly.

There are two good places to park. My favorite is at Osborn's Country Store on Route 53. A trailhead for the Bay Circuit Trail and the Lansing Bennett Forest is right across the street. Alternatively you can park in the forest's main parking area. A few hundred yards south of the store turn left on Cross Street. Then take your next left on Union Bridge Road and continue until you see a parking area on your left. There is limited parking there, but there is a kiosk that normally has maps of the property.

I don't consider Lansing Bennett to be a "riding destination" it's too small for that. But it does contain some very pleasant trails that I utilize on much longer rides in the area.

Lansing Bennett would be a good place to introduce new riders to the sport, and a refreshing interlude if you're exploring the Bay Circuit Trail.

From the north or south: From Route 3 take exit 10, Route 3A in Kingston. Head South and turn right on Route 53. Go about 4 miles and you'll see Osborn's Country Store on your left.

You may see people out jogging on these trails. Also, many people walk their dogs here.

By Bill Boles

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