Higgins Crowell Road, Yarmouth

Southeast MA

Higgins Crowell Road, Yarmouth

Yarmouth Conservation Land

307 Higgins Crowell Road
Yarmouth  Massachusetts  02673
United States








Higgins Crowell is one of the three major riding areas that makes up the Willow Street complex of trails.

Of the three Higgins Crowell is the mellowest. Lots of flat singletracks flowing through the woods interspersed with an occasional jeep road. Some of the trails circumnavigate cranberry bogs while others delve so deeply into the woods that all traffic noise disappears and all you’ll hear are birdcalls or the occasional passing airplane.

There are few sandy areas, few technical obstacles and almost no hills. This makes Higgins Crowell the perfect place for a relaxing ride, a ride with newer riders or a ride with kids on small wheel bikes. But don’t get the wrong impression. These trails are not boring. They’re just flat. The singletracks running through the woods are some of the most enjoyable on the Cape.

The trails here are referred to as the Yarmouth Town Trails. Head out of the back of the parking area you’ll discover over twenty miles of riding. Some trails lead through the Horse Pond Conservation Area. While many will take you on a long journey to the west and south of the Bayberry Hills Golf Course. After some exploraton you may find yourself on a small hilltop overlooking exit ramp from Route 6.

Crossing West Yarmouth Road will bring you into more Yarmouth Conservation Land and the trails surrounding the cranberry bog to the south of Plashes Pond. Very mellow and very scenic. Occasionally you’ll spot coyotes when you look across the bogs.

Cross Buck Island Road, at the southern end of this area, and you’ll come into the Sryjala Trails Conservation area. These consist of more bog roads and some very well maintained singletracks with lots of bridges that eventually drop you out on Winslow Gray Road.

Alternatively, you could start on the trail leading into the woods on the opposite side of Higgins Crowell Road. That trail will first lead you around Sandy Pond and then, as you explore, into a vast area where the locals have developed an extensive network of trails. Some of these trails do dead end in people’s back yards, but that’s what exploring is all about. You’ll be going by a town beach on Little Sandy Pond, stop for a swim on a hot summer’s day.

Parking: From the end of the highway ramp head south on Willow Street for about ¾ of a mile. Turn left on Higgins Crowell Road and follow it for three miles until just past the Yarmouth Police Station where you’ll see a small conservation area parking lot at 307 Higgins Crowell Road.

A much larger parking area is located at the Yarmouth Dog Park, 474 Buck Island Road #452. I usually park at the treeline near the tennis courts.

Higgins Crowell is, as I mentioned, flat. But there’s a lot of riding here. Certainly too much to explore in one day. So expect to return. – Often!

Bill Boles



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