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Greenfield, Ma - Green River, VT

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Greenfield Massachusetts to Green River Vermont

Easy:90%   Note: This ride requires considerable endurance

Greenfield, MA to Green River, VT
Dirt Road Ride
Summary: The ride is predominantly dirt roads from just south of West Leyden on the Green River up to the hamlet of Green River, VT and back again. A number of alternate routes may be taken to either lengthen or shorten the trip, or to include more or less climbing. The route marked out on the map is about 30+ miles with 3,500 feet of climbing. In the past year a few miles of the route have been paved, but 90% is still dirt. The river and Sweet Water Pond offer many opportunities to soak legs or cool off.

Ride: Head north along the Green River, at Stewartville bear left up the hill on New County Road. This is a very long climb with few respites, but beautiful views (great places to stop for lunch all along this route). At Grove either continue on straight and down the hill to Green River (a very fast downhill, rigid bikes beware of stutter bumps) or turn west on the Jacksonville Stage Rd toward Halifax. In Halifax go straight toward West Halifax or turn North toward Deer Park and follow the road back to Green River. If you go to West Halifax turn right in the village on Brook Road and head north. At Green River Road turn right and ride back toward Green River. Some of this is now paved.

In Green River riders have the choice of either continuing south along the river (the easiest and coolest route), or to head east up Stage Road. This is another long climb with some pavement continue East until intersecting with Sweet Pond Rd then head south and follow toward Sweet Pond Rd (more hill) toward Sweet Pond State Park. If you go all the way to the pond, you will have to turn back to N Belden Hill Rd. towards Packers Corner. At the top of this hill there is a house with a shed on the right which has good well water. Ask if, if anyone is home, but in a pinch just fill up. Keep heading south past Packer's corner (Old County Road). The road along here is very poorly maintained. You may have to walk if it is wet. At the end of the road you will come to a T. Go west toward W. Leyden and the Green River Road and directly back to the parking area, or go east and follow the paved road down to The Greenfield Road. Continue South until you come to Eunice Williams Dr. and head North then East, pass through the covered bridge (stop for a swim at the swimming hole) then up the hill to the parking area. It should take between 4 - 5 hours depending on breaks. Bring lots of water!


From the South , I-91 N to intersection with Route 2 in Greenfield, MA, go west under I-91 and take your 1st right at the traffic light on Colrain road. Follow Colrain Rd until you reach a Y in the road. Bear right on Plain Road and continue north. Plain road will intersect with and become Green River Rd. Continue straight north on South Green River Road until reaching Eunice Williams Drive. EWD is a blocked road leading down to a covered bridge (OK for bikes and pedestrians, but not for cars.). Park at the junction of EWD and S. Green River Road at the small dirt parking area.


This is a very long ride. Expect to spend the better part of a day completing it.

By Don Myers

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