Four Ponds, Monks Park & Sister's Woodlands, Bourne

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Four Ponds, Monks Park & Sister's Woodlands, Bourne

140 Barlows Landing Road
Pocasset  Massachusetts  02559
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The Four Ponds Conservation Area is located entirely in the town of Pocasset on Cape Cod. It’s contiguous with the Bourne Town Forest so most locals lump them together and just refer to them as Four Ponds. It also abuts Bourne's Monks Park conservation area and is only 1/2 mile from Sister's Woodland. So it makes sense to put all three on one page.

Four Ponds

One of the most enjoyable trails that I’ve ever ridden on the Cape is Four Pond’s Pine Trail. It’s a smooth never straight singletrack snaking through the woods. It never goes for long without going around a tree, a rock or up or down some small hill. Whoever laid that trail out fully grasped the concept that the experience should outweigh the location.  It’s only a few miles long but you’ll be disappointed when it’s over. But then again, you can ride it in both directions.

Four ponds is well marked. You’ll find hard to get off the track if you follow the trail markers for any of the mapped trails. Ah the map…. Unfortunately it doesn’t show all of the trails. And it doesn’t show many of the trails in the Bourne Town Forest which is immediately north of Four Ponds. 

Please note that there are some local trails just south of the Tara Terrace neighborhood and north of Four Ponds that cross private property and should be avoided. Avoid those trails.

Monks Park

Monk's Park located to the west of Four Ponds both north and south of Valley Bars Road is a small conservation area with about 2 miles of very enjoyable singletracks. You can use these trails to ride right down to Monk's Cove for a swim on a hot summer's day. And the trails leading out onto the two peninsulas are scenic and normally private.

Sister's Woodlands

SIster's Woodlands is located about 1/2 mile north of Valley Bars Road on Country Road. It's a small area. But the trails here are challenging with lots of abrubt hills and tight corners. 

Most people coming to this area ride the endless trails of Otis. Never realizing that less than a mile away, just on the other side of Route 28 that there’s a much smaller, but just as enjoyable place to ride.

Cautions: You will encounter a lot of people and dogs especially near the parking areas. Many older people enjoy relaxing on the many benches provided around the four ponds and on scenic spots along the trails. The ponds themselves are beautiful. Stop for a bit and you’ll observe turtles, frogs, swans, ducks and many other types of birds. The area used to be a fish hatchery and there’s still good fishing here. Drop a line and you’ll agree.

To sum up. Four Ponds, monk's Park and Sister's Woodlands may not attract hard core bikers or large groups. It’s not that kind of a place. But for a relaxed ride where you’ll get a chance to explore some wonderful trails immersed in nature. Give Four Ponds a try.

Parking: The main lot is at 140 Barlows Landing Road which is called the Pocasset River Trailhead.

Alternative Parking:  There's another good parking area at 58 Valley Bars Road in Bourne.  This one is always less crowded and gives you quicker access to the Bourne Town Forest's trails.

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