Dighton Rock State Park, Berkley

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Dighton Rock State Park, Berkley

93 Bayview Ave
Berkley  Massachusetts  02779
United States

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It says on the DCR's website that the Dighton Rock State Park has mountain biking. And it does, sort of. The 85-acre park has about 2 miles of trails. They are flat and except for an occasional root poking through the ground, very smooth. Most of the trails are wide enough for two people to walk side by side, and the only singletracks quickly lead out of the park.

All that being said, Dighton Rock State Park would be a lot of fun for families with young kids. Dighton Rock's very flat trails lend themselves to singlespeed or BMX bikes with small wheels. And the 2 miles of trails shouldn't be too much for most kids.

Dighton Rock has a nice picnic area, and a good view of the Taunton River. It is close to Route 24 and it's a pleasant place to visit and to relax in. Quite a contrast to the nearby Freetown-Fall River State Forest.

As an added bonus there is a museum that displays "Dighton Rock" a flat sided boulder that once rested near the shore of the Taunton River. The rock is covered with petroglyphs, carved designs, which many feel predate Columbus and indicate early European visitors to the area.

From route 24 take exit 10 turn right at the end of the exit ramp and follow the signs.

Expect to find pedestrians, kids and slow moving dogs in this area. Especially on weekends.

By Bill Boles

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