Cataumet Greenway

Southeast MA

Cataumet Greenway

1 Post Office Square
Cataumet  Massachusetts  02534
United States








The Cataumet Greenway at 95 acres is a small area that's dense with trails. About 5 miles if you ride everything. The trails are almost all winding, flowing singletracks. All are fun to ride no matter which direction you choose to ride them in.

The best place to park is near Cataumet's Post Office. You'll see a parking area, playground and trailhead in the same complex.

A good description of the area is this one, taken from the Bourne Conservation Trust's Website.

Cataumet Greenway, approximately 95 acres, is comprised of several parcels joined together to provide a network of trails through varying habitats. It is home to numerous species of wild animals and a variety or wildflowers. A sheep trench from an era gone by can still be seen at various point along the trail. Included is Red Brook Pond Conservation Area, Cataumet Center, and Lawrence Island.

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