Brooks Woodland Preserve, Petersham

Central MA

Brooks Woodland Preserve, Petersham

22 East Rd
Petersham  Massachusetts  01366
United States
There are two parking areas on East Rd. The one further to the west is larger.








The Trustees of Reservation's Brooks Woodland Preserve and North Common Meadow's 723 acres host over 15 miles of mild to moderate trails. 

It is a very scenic place to ride. One of may favorite trails, the Blue Dot Trail follows a river down hill (or uphill depending on which way you ride it.) It's stunningly beautiful.

If you choose to ride from one of the East Road starting areas I'd suggest doing the northernmost trails before heading into the center of Brooks. Caution, one trail in this area leads to a beswamp where the trail has been submerged. You'll recognize it because there are many downfalls on it and it seems to get little use.

There is a red dot loop to the north, a blue dot loop in the middle and a yellow dot loop to the south. All of these are very ridable though you'll do over 900 feet of climbing if you exlore them all.

In addtion there are many white dot trails bisecting these loops. Generally these are harder, have more climbing, and include a couple of singletracks. This would all be very confusing if you don't bring a copy of the map at the top of this page with you.

Some of the trails lead into neighboring property such as one section of the Harvard Forest which also has many trails.

My guess is that you won't ride here for a technical challenge. But you will ride here for the experience. And you wil return.

Bill Boles

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