Beebe Woods / Peterson Farm, Falmouth

Southeast MA

Beebe Woods / Peterson Farm, Falmouth

56 Highfield Dr
Falmouth  Massachusetts  02540
United States









Beebe Woods and Peterson Farm are two Falmouth conservation properties that abut each other. The trails are very pleasant to explore. Especially from the seat of a mountain bike.

The trails are fun, mostly non-technical and circle around quite a bit. It will take you at least a coupe of hours to explore them all.

There's quite a bit to see. Active farmland, including sheep pastures, remnants of old abandoned buildings, many glacial erratics, some very unusual plants and you'll probably meet a lot of people out on the trails.

The two properties together comprise 488 acres. Located just west of Falmouth Center it's just a short ride from downtown as well as being only a few hundred yards from the Shining Sea Bikeway.

The trails in Beebe Woods wouldn't exist if early plans to build 500 houses there had come to fruition. But in 1972 local benefactors bought the land and donated it to the town.

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