Adams Farm, Walpole

Adams Farm, Walpole

999 North St.
Walpole  Massachusetts  02081
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Adams Farm in Walpole, MA consists of town owned conservation land supplemented by New England Forestry Foundation and Norfolk County Agricultural School land. In total there are over 700 acres in this protected parcel. 700 acres and at least 70 great trails to ride on. There are a few old woods and farm roads. But most of the trails at Adams Farm are flat and flow through the trees like a clever fox leading a pack of dogs to exhaustion. The singletrack trails rarely go straight for more than a few hundred feet before you're looping around a tree and heading back in the other direction. On group rides you'll often see your buddies coming back at you only a few yards away. What would be mass confusion is mitigated by a map. The main trails are marked out with color coded markers, while the minor trails have faint white dots sprayed on the trees. Expect to spend a lot of time exploring the trails at Adams Farm, and expect to have a lot of fun doing it. 

Many of the Farm's trails do not show up on the map but they are fairly well defined and you'll have a good time exploring. The Kiosk map is a ggod reference for when you're reaching the end of an exploratory ride and are looking for a quick way back to the parking lot.

I have found that the trails on the southern end of Adams Farm are, with one exception, the smoothest and most fun to ride. All levels of riders will be happy there. The trails in the central section have more hills and are a little more challenging. While the trails to the west, along and to the north of the power line are the most challenging. In the early spring you will find some soggy going there too. There are a couple of features to attempt, but most of the trails are deadfall free and fun to ride.

I have yet to ride at Adams Farm and not see deer and flocks of wild turkeys, especially near the power line and in Adams Farm's open fields. Because Adams lays on the flight path of many migratory bird species you'll notice quite a few birders out on the trails. Especially at the edges of the larger fields. At night sky watchers favor Adam's near total lack of ambient light and can be seen stargazing, sometimes in large groups while enjoying a late evening picnic. Owls and other raptors frequent Adams and oftentimes you'll see them perched in trees or circling forest openings hunting for game.

Be aware that Adams is becoming a very popular place. Expect to encounter dog walkers, hikers, kids groups, equestrains and many others out on the trails.

Adams Farm has become one of my favorite places to ride, check it out and it may become one of yours too.

Note: Adams Farm's trails are closed to bikes in March and April, the mud season.

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