Split Cedar Trails, Van Buren

Northern ME

Split Cedar Trails, Van Buren

St Mary's Brook Road
Van Buren  Maine  04785
United States
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The Split Cedar Trails explore the lands surrounding the reservoir.

The longest trail is the Split Cedar Trail Loop. Circling around the reservoir on it's northeaster edge it connects to a trail leading from the Van Buren Water District building in town. That link is theee miles long.
The Split Cedar Loop, 5 miles in lenght, is fairly easy but offers good views of the water. Be sure to check out the ebaver huts.

The 3.7 miles White Hawk Loop is partially contiguous with the Spli Cedar but it's more difficult. It crosses the dam and has some of the best vistas in the system.

There are a couple of other loops and some short interconnecting trails. In all you'll explore over 11 miles of trails. Or, if you elect to do an out and back from the Water Distraick Building, almost 17.

Trailhead:  From the junction of Castonguay Road and St Mary's Brook Road follow St Mary's Brook Road for 1.6 miles.  You'll see the parking area on your left.