Mount Apatite, Auburn

Central ME

Mount Apatite, Auburn

98 Small Rd
Auburn  Maine  04210
United States

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I have a real appatite for Mount Apatite's trails. It's an interesting place to ride. Especially for a city park.

At 325 acres it offers a little bit of everything, dense forest stands, semi-precious stone mining sites, abandoned quaries, ledges and large glacial erratics.

The trails are all natural surface ranging from old woods roads to sinuous singletracks. In all you'll find just under 8 miles of trails. They are very well maintained by the City. You'll notice many drainage features to keep water off the trails. There are long armored "turnpikes" to keep you high and dry in perpetually muddy areas. There are even benches every half mile of so in case you want to stop and take a break.

For a first ride I'd suggest following the blue blazed trails in a clockwise direction.  This will maximize the downhills, although the trail is fun both ways.  Then I'd suggest filling in the middle by doing all the red blazed trails.

The official map above does not show any of the many side trails that lead into and out of the park. This might be confusing except that the park's trails are clearly marked with blue and red paint splotches. After you've explored the marked trails you can venture off into the "neighborhood trails" to see where they go.

In 2018 Central Maine NEMBA won NEMBA's very competitive Signature Trail Grant. The monies were used to construct Mt APatite's Signature Trail.

One highlight of Mt. Apatite is the abondoned mineral quarry. You'll almost always find people picking away at the rocks looking for gemstones. On my last visit a prospector showed me a handkerchief full of garnets that he'd found. The quarry also has a couple of good spots to go for a swim if you're so inclined.

An alternate starting area is 599 Stevens Mill Road, sometimes called Mt Apatite Road. Park just beyond the ballfields.

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