Marsh Island, Old Town

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Marsh Island, Old Town

169 Gillman Falls Ave
Old Town  Maine  04468
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The Old Town and Orono trail systems adjacent to the University of Maine are quite large to say the least. These trail systems are where mountain biking started for our area. You could say they are the heart of the Penobscot Region. The trails offer all types of riding that a beginner or advanced rider can both enjoy. In these network of trails you can ride a short three mile loop or a long 25 to 30 mile loop. You can also use these trails to access the other trail systems such as Newman Hill, the Veazie land trust, or even the Bangor City Forest.

I grew up riding on these trails over 20 years ago. I have watched them change from less than 15 miles of doubletrack ski trails into about 40 miles of real single track. The trail system can be confusing at times. We have been working for the last five years to make proper maps of these trail systems and have been making great progress. If you are planning on coming to this area to ride, join a group or local shop ride to get the best experience. One of our main goals over the next couple of years will be to make these great trails even better and easier to navigate.

–Jeremy Porter

Parking:  The link above will direct you to 169 Gilman Ave. The parking area for the North section of Marsh Island is across the street from La Bree's Bakery.

There are two other parking lots on Stillwater Avenue one is at the Old Town Eelementary School at 585 Stillwater Ave. The other is at 717 Stillwater, which is also the start of one of the University's paved bicycle paths.

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