Maine Huts & Trails, Carrabassett Valley

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Maine Huts & Trails, Carrabassett Valley

1001-1005 Houston Brook Rd
Carrabassett Valley  Maine  04947
United States

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Maine Huts & Trails is an ambitious project. A 180 mile network of trails and huts that will eventually start in Bethel and end in Rockwood. The plan includes 12 wilderness huts to be located about 14 miles apart. 

Currently you can start exploring over 50 miles of the system starting in Carrabasset Valley. Many of the huts are surrounded by good trail systems so extended daily riding explorations are always an option.

For more information go to their website.

Hut-to-Hut Loop
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Start/End: Huston Brook Trailhead (by the airport)
Ride Time: 4-6 hours
Overview: This loop ride will take you to two of the Maine Huts & Trails backcountry huts. These facilities, which are a unique aspect of biking in the Carrabassett Valley region, serve snacks and beverages through much of the season and offer a place to rest and refill water containers. Do one or both individual loops in this figure-eight ride.
Loop: Proceed across the bridge from the trailhead and turn left on Houston Brook Road. In a very short distance, head right on the CRNEMBA Trail (302). Cross the Carriage Road to Poplar Stream Trail (304) proceed up, up, and up to the Poplar Steam Falls Hut. Don’t fret if you have to walk the steepest sections –you are not the first to do so. Rest up at the hut and then proceed down the hut access road to the Sticky Trail (305). Don’t worry; it was not named for sticky mud. Enjoy the rolling single track and fantastic views to the Carriage Road. Turn left back down into the Valley and right back onto the CRNEMBA Trail (302). You can stop at your car for supplies and then head up the Narrow Gage (200) or the Caboose (209) to the Bypass Trail (307) to Cromits Overlook (309). After a long steady climb, turn right on Newton’s Revenge for a short and steadier climb to Stratton Brook Hut. Enjoy the views and get refreshed because the ride down Oak Knoll (310) will be a treat you’ll not soon forget. Exit Oak Knoll to the right on the bottom section of Newton’s and reconnect with the Narrow Gage. Enjoy the bliss with an easy ride down the Narrow Gage or sample the many short single track trails that loop off the Narrow Gage. Right at the bridge and back to your car. Head to The Rack or one of the other area restaurants for a much deserved beer and meal.

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