Essex Woods, Bangor

Central ME

Essex Woods, Bangor

12 Watchmaker St
Bangor  Maine  04401
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Essex Woods has an awesome trail system packed into a very small area.

Bangor Parks and Recreation manages the 70 acre recreation area.

Penobscott Region NEMBA has worked with the town to develop a trail system that has something for every level of rider including kids.

Essex Woods has about 5 miles of trails. And while that might not seem like a lot I challenge you to ride them without doing repeats.

Many repeats! The trails are that much fun.

Oh! And no one goes around the pump track just once.

In season PR NEMBA has leads kid's rides on the property. It's the perfect place for kids to develop their riding skills.

Trail maintenance and new trail construction has been done by PR NEMBA, working with the city of Bangor.

Here's a news artice on the Essex Woods Mountain Bike Trails.   (The lower video link works the best.)

Essex Woods is open to class 1 eMTBs.


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