West Thompson Lake Dam, N Grosvenordale

Northern CT

West Thompson Lake Dam, N Grosvenordale

599 Ravenelle Rd
North Grosvenordale  Connecticut  06255
United States

(860) 923-2982








The natural setting surrounding West Thompson Lake is enjoyed year-round. Pleasing views from the dam offer sightseers and photographers a panoramic view of the area. Park Rangers manage the 1,857 acres, in which the forest covers approximately 1,125 of those acres.

There are three main trail systems at West Thompson Lake; yellow, orange and blue. All-in-all there are 17 miles of marked trails to enjoy. While the single track trails range from novice to advanced in areas, there are plenty of cart roads and double track sections that are great for beginners, kids, families and casual riders. 

Parking on the east side of West Thompson Lake is at the Boat Launch at 400 Campground Dr. North Grosverndale, CT.

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