Hartman Park, Lyme

Southern CT

Hartman Park, Lyme

57-149 Gungy Rd
Lyme  Connecticut  06371
United States








Hartman park is owned by the Town of Lyme as is a great place to ride a mountain bike.  The terrain is more a “Rough XC” surface but has more than enough fire road and XC style trails as well as hidden little gems here and there for the bigger bouncy guys to play on. The town and NEMBA have had a really good relationship and we have worked together on multiple projects to improve the ride and trail sustainability of the area. Recently the town acquired the Philip Young Preserve a rather large parcel of property on the southern border and added trails to and from Hartman Park almost doubling the milage of ridiable trails. If you want even more milage the park is 3/4’s surrounded but Nehantic State Forest (northern block) which the fire road connects to.

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