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Dividend Pond, Rocky Hill

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Dividend Pond Trail System - Taken from SIngleTracks Magazine

The biggest news since the spring 2020 issue is the completion and opening of the Dividend Pond trail system. Located just over the Cromwell line in Rocky Hill it’s the newest riding area in CT.

It’s geared toward families and people new to the sport, but the flowy nature of the trails, and some very unique features including a double gravity cavity, make it fun for all levels of rider.

Huge kudos to Luis Moreira, who secured permission and did the majority of the building. Here is Luis’ report-

Over the course of the winter, we obtained permission from the town of Rocky Hill to build the first bike-specific trail system in that community.

Located within the southern area of Dividend Pond Park is a brand-new singletrack loop, just under 2 miles long.

This loop is a great way for beginners to get their tires dirty and fun for intermediate riders alike. 

We were able to utilize the contours of the terrain to create a unique trail in a 30-acre parcel of land. 

The soil is reminiscent of the sandy glacial dirt found at River Highlands, therefore draining exceptionally well after rain. 

There are twists and turns, logs to hop over, natural berms and wall rides, and even a skinny! 

At a short 1.5 miles away from River Highlands -an easy 10-minute ride on residential road- this new riding area will be a nice peripheral extension for those opting for a 12+ mile ride. 

There are plans to add another section or two of trail in the future.  Stay tuned.  At the time of this writing, the loop is already packing down nicely but could use more tires. 

Finally, we would like to thank all of those who volunteered on this project and for the town's blessing for the ”Div Pond” project.  Hope to see you on the trails.

-Luis Moreira

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