Bluff Point State Park, Groton

Southern CT

Bluff Point State Park, Groton

55 Depot Road
Groton  Connecticut  06340 ‎
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If you want coastal riding with Long Island Sound frontage, this is your best option in CT by far. Bluff Point State Park is really two areas: The state park is the smaller of the two, the coastal reserve is what everyone considers "Bluff Point". The area has a main fire road loop around the perimeter which is double track and perfect for family riding. The front gravel road is the easiest and the back road a bit rugged, but passable. A cinder road leads eastward from the parking area over toward the Amtrak tracks linking Bluff Point to Haley Farm State Park. Great to add distance. As for single track, go south past the park signs and take your first left. You're in a network of trails traversing the hill, riding the "double down" into "the swamp" and finding the good stuff. For more free-ride type trails, venture north of the cinder road into the "Ho-Chi Min" area in the state park section. Cool stuff in there. Be sure and ride the main fire road to the beach and bluff viewing spot and see if you can find the single track along the cliffs. Beautiful in the morning at sunrise.

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