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NEMBA COVID Guidance for Rides & Trail Care Sessions

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

NEMBA Guidance for Rides

Out of an abundance of caution NEMBA put a hold on Trial Care days and Group Rides as the Covid-19 Pandemic escalated.

Currently it seems like every day one or more of the New England States change their recommendations and guidelines. Their overriding concern, of course, is safety.

As each state sets its own policies NEMBA’s policies must be flexible. Our policies must follow at least the minimum guidelines set by each state. But since these guidelines vary in their directives, we have developed some parameters that we believe support the cautious resumption of group rides and trail care sessions. You can help support the health and safety of all riders (and other trail users) by following these practices!

See State by State restrictions below.


NEMBA Recommendations for Group Rides

· Non-household Group rides are allowed in all New England states. The permitted size of those groups varies. NEMBA recommends group sizes of 10 people or less. This is a common requirement in many riding areas. It also reduces interruptions to other trail users and helps keep groups safe and fun. But we leave it to local chapters and their ride leaders to determine what is best for them.

· Maintaining at least 3 bike lengths between each rider ensures physical distancing, at least 30’ but the more the better. The standard 6' social distance may not ensure safety when riding behind a rider or group for long periods of time. So we recommend many times that distance, as far as is practicable. The exception is with family members.

· Ride with a mask at the ready so that you can quickly put it on if you come across other trail users in an area where you can’t maintain a social distance of at least 6’. Or better yet, leave it on. A mask is primarily a courtesy to others. It is a source control measure that limits what you may spread via exhalation. It also provides some protection to you.

· Exaggerate your courtesy to other trail users. When encountering other trail users, slow down or stop and move off the trail to provide room for people to pass and maintain social distance. This is a time when nobody should assume a “right of way”.

· Do not linger in groups before or after rides. We will all get our “social” on when this Pandemic is over.

· Don’t overcrowd a riding area. If a riding area is busy, try to find an alternate time or location to ride but try to stay close to home. There are state-by-state restrictions on traveling across state lines. Observe them!

· Respect parking regulations. Parking has become a large pain point at many riding areas. If a parking area is full, find another legal place to park.

· We leave it to local chapters to decide what is best for their area and the comfort level of their ride leaders.

· NEMBA requires using some method of rider registration so that in the event of needing to track an individual’s contacts, you can provide that information. NEMBA offers Evenbrite registration, with a Covid-19 questionnaire for any individual or chapter that wishes to use it.

· If you or your chapter would like to hold a group ride, either with or without Eventbrite, send an email to . That way you will be covered by NEMBA’s insurance.


NEMBA Recommendations for Family Rides

· Follow all the requirements of your local governments (State, City or Town) and requirements of the property where you wish to ride.

· Best practice is to ride with members of your household.

· Wear masks when in the presence of others and it is not possible to be at least 6’ apart.

· If possible, choose riding areas without crowds.


NEMBA Recommendations for Trail Care Events

Since each State sets its own policy for outdoor group size, NEMBA’s policy must be flexible. But it must follow the guidelines set by that state. Since these guidelines are in some cases contradictory, we have developed some suggested parameters of our own.

Traditional Trail Care days where more than 30 people might show up in a parking lot, hang out together for instructions, grab tools and head out should be put on hold for now. As must the traditional after trailwork parking lot thank you party. We recommend:


  • 1  Trail Care sessions must be limited to 4-9 people.
  • 2  Social distancing of at least 12’ must be maintained at all times.
  • 3  Face coverings must be used whenever one is within 15’ of anyone else.
  • 4  Tools must not be shared unless they are sanitized before handoffs.
  • 5  For the time being, doing small projects should be the goal.
  • 6  Advance sign up or, events run by invitation only, may be used to put limits on the numbers.
  • 7 After the event, participants should leave the gathering area as soon as possible.
  • 8 NEMBA requires using some method of volunteer registration so that in the event of needing to track an individual’s contacts, you can provide that information. NEMBA offers Evenbrite registration, with a Covid-19 questionnaire for any individual or chapter that wishes to use it.


If you or your NEMBA chapter want to sponsor a Trail Care Event send an email to . This will ensure that your event will be covered by NEMBA’s insurance.

Maine Covid-19 Response    Maine Bureau of Parks

Vermont Covid-19 Guidance    VT State Parks

New Hampshire Covid-19     NH State Parks

Massachusetts Covid-19    Mass DCR Guidance

Connecticut Covid Response    CT DEEP Response

Rhode Island Covid Information    RI DEM Guidance

  Read more about NEMBA COVID Guidance for Rides & Trail Care Sessions

BK NEMBA Summer News

Thursday, September 4, 2014

As of mid-summer the weekly chapter rides in both Keene and Brattleboro continue to be very well attended by both long-time members and people coming out for their first ride with us.  We’ve been doing rides local in each town, as well as venturing out to areas afar.  Keene rides Tuesday nights, and Brattleboro rides Thursday nights – both at 6PM.  Rides will continue into the fall.  As sunset starts coming earlier we might push the start times sooner, and lights will begin to be a good thing to have.

The kiosks are up at Drummer Hill!  And they have maps on them!  We had a fantastic turnout for the installation work night – enough people so we could all take a turn at standing around.  We have put one kiosk in at the trail head at Drummer Rd and Green Acres, and another at the mid-gate on Timberlane Dr where Old Gilsum Rd starts.  There is one more to install at the cul-de-sac at the end of Meetinghouse Rd.  We just need to work out property lines so we make sure to get it on city land.  Each kiosk has a map of the Drummer Hill/Goose Pond trail network, a chalk board for leaving messages, and there are push pins for leaving notes.  We still need to put small roofs on each to keep things out of the elements.  We’ll also post announcements regarding Drummer Hill trails at the kiosks. 

Speaking of Drummer Hill trail announcements…  the logging project that wiped out the Exits trails is mostly done, but another project has begun that has led to the closure of the Bitten and Threader trails.  We’ve posted a map on the kiosks showing the logging extents and trails impacted.  Please respect the trails closures.  This logging is happening on private property.  The logger is pro-bikers and has spoken favorably to the landowners about us.  Remember that the loggers are doing their job, on private property.  Be courteous, and stay out of the way of the heavy equipment when it is going in and out on Old Gilsum Rd.  And please stay out of the areas closed for logging.   If we don’t play nice, this could end badly for us.

The beginner (or easier) loop at Stonewall Farm is mostly complete.  One bridge was put in late June, and we have one more short bridge to install.  There is a little touch up work that we hope to get to at some point.  The trail has been marked, and the map updated such that riders can keep the trail junctions straight and find their way.  Stonewall Farm continues to be very supportive of our efforts.  We will be reworking a small section of trail directly behind the Learning Center.  This trail will be used for part of the kids race course at the Bike for Bovines races, and will also serve as a short single track connector when the farm has the lower field behind the center closed due to grazing animals.  Watch for fall work days to knock this out.

Watch for some organized kids/family rides this summer and fall.  Elm City Velo, a local cycling club, just wrapped up a very successful 6 week session of mountain biking instruction and race training.  They met twice a week at Stonewall Farm for their practice sessions.  I had the privilege of helping out one night per week and again race day.  The kids did amazing.  We are currently in talks to figure out how to successfully expand this.  We hadn’t worked out the details when this went to press, but expect some sort of collaboration between BK-NEMBA and Elm City Velo that will allow us to make this available to more kids, for more of the season.  We’ll also be looking for adults to help out with this.  This is very exciting for the future of mountain biking in the Keene-Brattleboro area - more to follow.

We decided to take the summer off for chapter meetings.  Scheduling conflicts complicated things, and we all wanted to get out and ride bikes.  Our next meeting will be 6PM on September 16th at Stonewall Farm. 

We might be joined by the Conservation Easement Steward from Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests that is responsible for the City’s Drummer Hill/Goose Pond property.  We’ll also try to get some representatives from the city to attend as well (Parks and Rec, Conservation Commission – nothing is finalized yet), and possibly someone from the Monadnock Conservancy.  Peter Poanessa and I met with the Steward and walked some of the trails at Drummer Hill.  The Steward is a mountain biker, and appreciates the work that has been done in Drummer.  He views us bikers as an asset.  But the easement does have certain stipulations that we need to work within, and he has some concerns.  Trail density and man-made structures are the biggest things he was concerned with.  This is a great opportunity for the mountain biking community to show that we are responsible stewards of the land, that we respect the wishes of the property owners (the City), and that we are willing to sit down with them and get educated about what we can and can’t be doing.  It would be great if we got a large turnout for this from a cross section of the mountain biking community that uses Drummer, NEMBA member or not.  Watch for more information as we get closer to the meeting date.

--Michael Davern

BK-NEMBA Chapter Meeting - November


11/7/20 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Lets meet for our last chapter meeting of 2020. We typically do an end of year social "meeting"... but, you know. Covid.
This coming Saturday's weather looks great. We'll meet in Wheelock Park (Keene), over by the bike park at 1PM. Bring a lawn chair, a bike, or even a beverage.
There will be the usual membership and financial updates, some announcements about a grant we received, and some winter grooming discussion.
We can also discuss chapter officers, plans for 2021, and some other ideas I have about increasing membership, member involvement, and figuring out what we're doing and/or should be doing...


95 Park Ave, Keene NH



Event Leader

Mike Davern

Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival presented by BK-NEMBA


3/7/20 6:00pm to 10:00pm

11th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival!

Social hour with cash bar at 6:00pm, film will start promptly at 7:00pm.

The price of admission includes a prize drawing ticket. We've got some great prizes lined up and are working on more!

Tickets available at:

Wheel on over to the 11th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival this Spring: it’s a celebration of travel and human-powered adventure on wheels, and it is the only event of its type in the world. Proceeds from the event benefit the Adventure Cycling Association, BK-NEMBA, and the Keene Bike Park.


For the first time, we’ll highlight two unique African journeys: one in West Africa and the other a mountain bike trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa! We’ll also showcase journeys closer to home, from a group ride to Alaska to the rolling Iowa summer party known as RAGBRAI. We’ll also be sharing the little-known story of the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps, an African-American regiment of “Buffalo Soldiers” who rode from Montana to St. Louis in the summer of 1897. There is truly something for everyone at this year’s festival, and you don’t need to be a cyclist to enjoy these tales of adventure! Ciclismo Classico, the longtime pioneer in creative bicycle vacations, is proud to present this one-of-a-kind event.

The ONLY film festival in the USA that focuses specifically on bicycle travel!

We believe that adventure is for everyone: you don’t have to be a cyclist to enjoy these journeys featuring people young and old, in the USA and abroad!


The Festival’s mission is to inspire attendees to explore by bicycle. Whether across the globe or a few towns away, there’s nothing that recharges and expands horizons like bicycle travel. The Festival will increase awareness and appreciation for bicycle travel by showcasing independent films that depict the adventure, humor, and growth inherent in two-wheeled journeys. We seek films that portray a broad range of experiences – destinations ranging from small African villages to a campground 30 miles from home; solo travel or a family reunion on bicycles; an organized tour from inn to inn or a shoestring jaunt with tent and sleeping bag.

The Festival is a production of Ciclismo Classico, a community-minded Arlington company that has been a leader in active bicycle vacations since 1989. Ciclismo Classico C.E.B. (Chief Executive Biker) Lauren Hefferon says, “Since our start over 30 years ago, we’ve always been very involved with the local community. From our annual holiday ‘Jingle Ride’ to the Bike Travel Film Festival, we welcome the opportunity to promote active lifestyles and get people dreaming about their next adventure.” Through the proceeds from these events, Ciclismo Classico has donated thousands of dollars to a variety of bicycle and other local charities.

For more about The 11th Annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival, additional locations around New England and the USA and to view the festival’s homepage


The Festival’s mission is to inspire attendees to explore by bicycle. Whether across the globe or a few towns away, nothing recharges and expands horizons like bicycle travel. The Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival is the ONLY film festival in the USA that focuses specifically on bicycle travel. The Festival commits itself to sharing a diverse array of journeys: adventure is for everyone.


The Ciclismo Classico mission is to offer high-quality, educational, and dreamy itineraries that celebrate the diversity of native peoples and their landscapes. By combining legendary service and rare cultural experiences, the Ciclismo Classico philosophy continues to energize and transform each and every guest.

As a specialized "boutique" tour operator since 1988, Ciclismo Classico provides the most authentic, unique and exciting vacations in the adventure travel industry. Their well-crafted educational trips in Italy, France, Spain, Austria, and New England are active immersions into local art, language, music and delicious cuisine.



Stonewall Farm 242 Chesterfield Road Keene, NH 03431



Event Leader

Mike Davern

BK NEMBA Thursday Night Ride

Event Date

Repeats every week every Thursday until Fri Nov 01 2019 .
4/25/19 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Thursday Night Rides will be starting April 25th over in Brattleboro.
Wheels down at 6:30, locations will vary to watch the usual spots. But Living Memorial Park and the Retreat Trails are typical go to spots.
Thanks to Josh Reynolds and crew! You can sign the ride waivers here:




Ride Level


Ride Style


Ride Leader Name

Josh Reynolds

BK NEMBA 2019 Spring Ride and Picnic


5/18/19 10:00am to 4:00pm

Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA Spring Picnic & Ride

Save the date, more details to Come!

Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 10 AM – 4 PM
1362 Pond Rd, Vernon, VT 05354-9631,

Some details:
Free for chapter members, we'll ask for a $5 donation from non-members to offset food costs and other expenses.

Rides will start at 10AM. Things will be flagged such that routes will be unambiguous - even better than last year. Can't make 10AM? No worries, just follow the trail markings.

There is a pump track and skills area. Todd's son will lead some kids rides as well. So bring the family.

Food: Here is the link to sign up for food. The food is free, just need an idea on the number of attendees...

Still working on the food details, but we'll make sure there are vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Looking for a new whip this spring, but want to do more than ride around in a parking lot before you drop the $$? 

Well, then you should come to our Spring Picnic and Ride May 18th in Vernon VT. West Hill Shop will be bringing over some demo bikes! 

David T. will be bringing over the Transition Smuggler Carbon GX, the Scout Alloy GX, and the Sentinel Alloy NX. They also have the Giant Trance 2 29er and 27.5 plus the Liv Intrigue Advanced 2. Anyone interested should contact David about sizes and reservations ahead of time. 

365 Cycles will be there with demos as well. Bring a drivers license and credit card.

They'll have bikes from Santa Cruz, Ibis, and Specialized.

Santa Cruz: 5010, Medium, Bronson, Large

Ibis:Ripley, Medium, Ripmo, Large

Specialized:Stumpjumper, Medium Fuse, Medium

Stay tuned for more updates on demo opportunities, and as always - support your local shops. 

Oh!  You can save time by signing NEMBA's once-a-year Ride Waiver ahead of time. Read more about BK NEMBA 2019 Spring Ride and Picnic


1362 Pond Rd, Vernon, VT 05354-9631



Event Leader

Michael Davern

Klunkerz: A Film About Mountain Bikes


3/9/19 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Klunkerz: A Film About Mountain Bikes documents mountain bike history during the late 1960s and 1970s in Northern California. The film examines the relationships of the San Francisco Bay Area hippies, athletes, artists and entrepreneurs who are directly responsible for the global popularization off-road cycling. Klunkerz includes interviews with those present at the embryonic stages of the sport including Mountain Bike Hall of Fame members Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey, Mike Sinyard, Steve Potts, Jacquie Phelan, Charlie Cunningham, Otis Guy, Alan Bonds, Wende Cragg, The Morrow Dirt Club, The Larkspur Canyon Gang and more. Klunkerz also looks at many seminal events in mountain bike history, including the legendary Repack downhill race series which began in 1976.
Saturday, March 9, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM
Stonewall Farm
242 Chesterfield Rd, Keene, New Hampshire 03431


242 Chesterfield Rd, Keene, New Hampshire 03431




Event Leader

Michael Davern

BK-NEMBA Chapter Meeting


Repeats every month on March, May, July, September, November on the third Thursday until Sun Dec 01 2019 .
3/21/19 6:00pm

Getting all the chapter meeting for the year on the calendar.  We will send reminders/agendas when we get closer.
3rd Thursday, 6PM.
Keene Signworx
12 Base Hill Rd, Swanzey, New Hampshire 03446

Agenda for the July meeting

Agenda items I have...

Treasurer Report

Membership Report

Rides - Kids, Tuesday, Thursday, Womens

Bitten bridge build. Estimate and schedule

Mike’s bridge - schedule

Food Network bridge. Estimate and schedule

Movie - 2 possibilities

    Return to Earth

    Ciclismo Classico Festival



    Update kiosks

Far Side update, plan

MOU update

Pump track update

Women’s Summit

Richmond trails

Fall social? - BYOB + potluck. Someplace with a fire…

Next meeting - September 19



12 Base Hill Rd, Swanzey, New Hampshire 03446



Event Leader

Michael Davern