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SE CT NEMBA Trail Build @ E Haddam Middle School


5/8/21 (All day)

SE CT NEMBA East Haddam Middle School Trail Build

SECT NEMBA will be partnering with the East Haddam, CT middle school in an ongoing trail construction project on their property.

We are expecting at least 50 middle school kids, at least one teacher as well as others.

Hope you can join us. It's rare that we get to build trails on town property.

  To sign up and for more information, contact me, Brett Severson at .

Be sure to sign NEMBA's yearly ride waiver before you sign up  But you only have to sign it once. Read more about SE CT NEMBA Trail Build @ E Haddam Middle School


Southeastern CT NEMBA

Event Leader

Brett Severson

HV NEMBA Family Ride @ Rockhouse

Event Date

5/8/21 10:00am

HV NEMBA Family Ride @ Rockhouse

Saturday, May 8th, 10 am: Family Ride, Rockhouse (Oxford, CT) 5-8 miles.

Meet at the gravel lot below Oxford High School (off Route 188).

*Pre-Registration via e-mail and a phone # for Contact Tracing are REQUIRED!*

*E-mail Isaac Taylor 

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All Levels

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Isaac Taylor

HV NEMBA Intermediate Rockhouse Ride

Event Date

4/30/21 6:00pm

HV NEMBA Rockhouse Ride

Friday, April 30th, 6 pm: Intermediate, Rockhouse (Oxford, CT) 9+ miles.

Meet at Holbrook Road, red/white entrance (“Rolling Coal” trail on Trail Forks).

*Pre-Registration via e-mail and a phone # for Contact Tracing are REQUIRED!*

*E-mail Maria Dumoulin to sign up:

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Maria Dumolin

HV NEMBA Class Cycles Ride Series

Event Date

Repeats every week every Monday 30 times .
4/26/21 (All day)

HV NEMBA Class Cycles Ride Series

6:15 pm meet, wheels-down 6:30 pm: 

Intermediate/Advanced, locations will vary.

Sponsored by Class Cycles (requires separate waiver:

*E-mail Dave Herde to sign up: and to find out the location of this week's ride.

*Pre-Registration via e-mail and a phone # for Contact Tracing are REQUIRED!*

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Dave Herde

HV NEMBA Beginner's Ride Series


6/1/21 (All day)

HV NEMBA Beginner Rides

Starts Monday, April 19th, 5:30 pm: Beginner, Waldo State Park (Southbury, CT).

Note: Starting May 18th, this ride will continue the first and third Tuesday of each month at different locations.

These rides are aimed at newer rides although anyone can attend.

They are fun no-pressure rides where we try to finish with more smiles than miles.

*E-mail Paula Burton to sign up:

Note: *Pre-Registration via e-mail and a phone # for Contact Tracing are REQUIRED!*

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Housatonic Valley NEMBA

Event Leader

Paula Burton

Southern CT

Haley Farm SP, Groton

30 Haley Farm Rd
Groton  Connecticut  06340
United States








Haley farm State Park abuts Bluff Point State Park.

It's a great place to ride and explore. Riding both parks at the same time would make for a challenging day's riding.

The best description of Haley comes from the Trailforks page.

Connecticut's first governor, John Winthrop Jr., owned part of the farm in 1648. Over the years the land passed through various hands, including the Chester family in the 18th century, whose headstones are still on the property. When Caleb Haley owned and farmed the land in the late 19th to 20th centuries, he had a very unique hobby which can be seen throughout the park - the building of stone walls. Boulders found on the property were extracted and placed by an ox drawn stone-puller. The walls separated a number of pastures. Some remains of the farm's buildings are still visible near the entrance of the park.

In 1963, efforts to protect the farm from being sold to developers began. The State of Connecticut agreed to match funds raised for the purchase of the farm. The Groton Open Space Association with the help of The CT Forest & Park Association led a successful fund raising effort that led to the purchase of the property. In July of 1970, Life Magazine featured an article on Haley Farm titled "Battles Won". Haley Farm became an official Connecticut State Park in July of 1970.

Nearby Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve was protected from great development pressures and was saved in 1975. It can be reached from Haley Farm via a bridge over the railroad tracks. The two parks, combined, offer over 1000 acres of land and are permanently protected as open space for public enjoyment.

  Read more about Haley Farm SP, Groton

MTB Adventure Ride @ Bluff Point


8/22/21 (All day)

SE CT NEMBA Bluff Point MBAS Ride

Join us for an awesome summer day at Bluff Point. 

There will be Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Hero trails.

  There may be options for to join a groip ride for every ability level.

Bluff Point's trails stand out for their excellence. Bluff Point is the oldest CT State Park which was originally created to give CT's citizens ocean beach access.

  So bring your swimsuits for a refreshing dip after the ride.

  Check this MAP for a quick look at the trails.

The routes will extend off the peninsula to the Haley Farm State Park and beyond to the north.

  More details to come. Check back soon.

Sign in: Starts @ 9:00 AM

Last Riders Start @ Noon


$10 NEMBA Members

$25 Non Members

FREE if you join NEMBA or renew your membership at the event.

Kids under 12 ride free with a registered adult.


  Read more about MTB Adventure Ride @ Bluff Point


Southeastern CT NEMBA


Event Leader

Brett Severson

December Ride Challenge Update

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Hi SECT NEMBA Chapter Members,


We want to thank everyone who participated in our first December Ride Challenge and also thank those who signed up for a new NEMBA membership or renewed. Great news, we have enough swag from our fantastic sponsors to give away to everyone who participated in the ride challenge!! We'll also be randomly selecting three members who renewed or joined in December to win some swag. Finally, we will also be giving out a special Iron Rider Award for the person who rode the most throughout December! We’ll be contacting winners mid-January, so keep an eye on your email.


A huge thank you to all of our sponsors for your support and helping to make this event a success!!


Wayfarer Cycles

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Voler Apparel



Covid Brings Central CT New Trails

trail kiosk with bikes

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Central CT Chapter had some exciting news coming into 2020 with the opportunity to build the first bike-specific trail system in the town of Rocky Hill at Dividend Pond Park. They introduced this venture to us in SingleTracks issue 163 and this December we had a chance to catch up with Luis Moreira to learn more about how this project has fared since its inception. We also learned a bit more about its future.

Though a compact 68 acres, the Dividend Pond Park includes a rich history of grist, saw, and corn mills in addition to the multi-use trails. The parcel includes 10 water powered archaeological sites going back as far as 1667 and forward to the 1900’s. The town has captured some interesting historical notes on each of these sites in the park brochure, such as the $10,000 horseshoe.

This new bike specific trail was intentionally designed and built to provide a place for families and people new to the sport to ride, but the flowy nature of the trails and the advantageous contours of the land can provide a fun experience for all. In fact, Luis challenges you more advanced riders to tackle the Strava loop without braking and see how it goes.

Looking back to the beginning of this project Luis credits Glenn Vernes, Central CT Chapter President, with the insight to develop the Dividend Ponds area and add to the nearby River Highlands mileage. Glenn kicked off the project by introducing Luis to the powers that be who manage the area, and with conversations, approvals, and agreements to maintain the trails they were off and running. Or more specifically walking and flagging, and re-walking and re-flagging, and scouring google maps and contour lines to determine the best route for the eventual two miles of flow trails for part one of this endeavor. Many hours were spent strategically planning how to incorporate the elevation changes while staying within the boundaries of the approved plot of land.

2020 has been a challenging year for many, but it also provided Luis and Glenn time for building trails, refining flow, and adding little features of fun sprinkled throughout. Luis estimated that over 500 volunteer hours were spent on just this trail since the beginning, but I imagine that’s a very conservative estimate once you hear about the many 8-hour days he spent perfecting corners and clearing debris. Sometimes that debris takes the form of removing unsanctioned and dangerous features added by well-intentioned but uninformed trail users. *PSA – always check in with the trail managers before adding features to a trail*

Luis notes that while before Dividend Pond got little to no riders, now he often sees many people out there enjoying the trails with their families. He’s even spotted an enduro champion out there exploring the trails as Luis takes his regular rides making sure everything in the area is running smoothly.

Kudos to Glenn and Luis, and all the other NEMBA volunteers, for creating and maintaining this wonderful opportunity for local biking.

What are Luis and Glenn doing with all their time now that this project is cruising along? Well of course they are continuing to build and incorporate additional enhancements for this area (and others). Phase 2 of the “Div Pond” project includes a new scenic loop that follows along the river and that maybe, just maybe, will include a jump line or an advanced section.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, get out on these trails and make sure you let them know what you think!


Glenn Vernes recognized by Bike Walk CT

glenn holding his award

Monday, December 21, 2020

Big Congrats go to Central CT NEMBA Chapter President Glenn Vernes, who received a People’s Choice Award from Bike Walk Connecticut. He was nominated by his peers for the work he has done to open trails and make mtn biking more accessible to people of all ages and abilities! This annual award recognizes people for their contributions in making CT a more bike and pedestrian friendly place.


Glenn has been the driving force behind getting the permissions and then building and improving the trails at River Highlands in Cromwell, CT. These fun, flowy trails are great for all ability levels. He worked for weeks to correct drainage issues and added some new trails increasing the size of the park’s useable area. It is now jammed packed on weekends with families and people of all ages and skill levels. His knowledge of state and local land uses and legislation is insightful and what he doesn’t know he finds out quickly. He is always calm and respectful when working with land managers and town officials which can be the most challenging and time consuming part of trail building and advocacy.


Central CT NEMBA owes tons of thanks to the many volunteers who help with trail building and maintenance. But today we give special thanks to Glenn who often works quietly behind the scenes making calls, walking trails, and doing research to make things happen. No one is more deserving of this award.


Bike Walk Connecticut works through advocacy and education to make bicycling and walking safe, feasible and attractive for a healthier, cleaner Connecticut.


By Lisa M. Maloney, Central CT NEMBA VP Read more about Glenn Vernes recognized by Bike Walk CT