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NEMBA COVID Guidance for Rides & Trail Care Sessions

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

NEMBA Guidance for Rides

Out of an abundance of caution NEMBA put a hold on large Trial Care days and Group Rides as the Covid-19 Pandemic escalated.

Currently it seems like every day one or more of the New England States change their recommendations and guidelines. Their overriding concern, of course, is safety.

As each state sets its own policies NEMBA’s policies must be flexible. Our policies must follow at least the minimum guidelines set by each state. But since these guidelines vary in their directives, we have developed some parameters that we believe support the cautious resumption of group rides and trail care sessions. You can help support the health and safety of all riders (and other trail users) by following these practices!

See state by state restrictions below.


NEMBA Recommendations for Group Rides

  • Non-household Group rides are allowed in all New England states. The permitted size of those groups varies. NEMBA recommends group sizes of 10 people or less. This is a common requirement in many riding areas. It also reduces interruptions to other trail users and helps keep groups safe and fun. But we leave it to local chapters and their ride leaders to determine what is best for them.
  • Maintaining at least 3 bike lengths between each rider ensures physical distancing, at least 30’ but more may be better. The standard 6' social distance may not ensure safety when riding behind a rider or group for long periods of time. So we recommend as many times that distance as is practicable. The exception is with family members.
  • Ride with a mask at the ready so that you can quickly put it on if you come across other trail users in an area where you can’t maintain a social distance of at least 6’. Or better yet, leave it on. A mask is primarily a courtesy to others. It is a source control measure that limits what you may spread via exhalation. It also provides some protection to you.
  • Exaggerate your courtesy to other trail users. When encountering other trail users, slow down or stop and move off the trail to provide room for people to pass and maintain social distance. This is a time when nobody should assume a “right of way”.
  • Do not linger in groups before or after rides. We will all get our “social” on when this Pandemic is over.
  • Don’t overcrowd a riding area. If a riding area is busy, try to find an alternate time or location to ride but try to stay close to home. There are still state-by-state restrictions on traveling across state lines. Observe them!
  • Respect parking regulations. Parking has become a large pain point at many riding areas. If a parking area is full, find another legal place to park.
  • We leave it to local chapters to decide what is best for their area and the comfort level of their ride leaders.
  • NEMBA requires using some method of rider registration so that in the event of needing to track an individual’s contacts, you can provide that information. NEMBA offers Evenbrite registration, with a Covid-19 questionnaire for any individual or chapter that wishes to use it. But Eventbrite is only an option. Many chapters just keep a record.
  • If you or your chapter would like to hold a group ride, either with or without Eventbrite, send an email to . That way you and your riders will be covered by NEMBA’s insurance.


NEMBA Recommendations for Family Rides

  • Follow all the requirements of your local governments (state, city or town) and requirements of the property where you wish to ride.
  • Best practice is to ride with members of your household.
  • Wear masks when in the presence of others and it is not possible to be at least 6’ apart.
  • If possible, choose riding areas without crowds.


NEMBA Recommendations for Trail Care Events

Since each State sets its own policy for outdoor group size, NEMBA’s policy must be flexible. But it must follow the guidelines set by that state. Since these guidelines are in some cases contradictory, we have developed some suggested parameters of our own.

Traditional Trail Care days where more than 30 people might show up in a parking lot, hang out together for instructions, grab tools and head out should be put on hold for now. As must the traditional after trailwork parking lot thank you party. We recommend:

  1. Trail Care sessions must be limited to 4-9 people.
  2. Social distancing of at least 12’ must be maintained at all times.
  3. Face coverings must be used whenever one is within 15’ of anyone else.
  4. Tools must not be shared unless they are sanitized before handoffs.
  5. For the time being, doing small projects should be the goal.
  6. Advance sign up or, events run by invitation only, may be used to put limits on the numbers.
  7. After the event, participants should leave the gathering area as soon as possible.
  8. NEMBA requires using some method of volunteer registration so that in the event of needing to track an individual’s contacts, you can provide that information. NEMBA offers Evenbrite registration, with a Covid-19 questionnaire for any individual or chapter that wishes to use it.

If you or your NEMBA chapter want to sponsor a Trail Care Event send an email to . This will ensure that your event will be covered by NEMBA’s insurance.


State by State Guidance 

Maine Covid-19 Response           Maine Bureau of Parks

Vermont Covid-19 Guidance         VT State Parks

New Hampshire Covid-19             NH State Parks

Massachusetts Covid-19               Mass DCR Guidance

Connecticut Covid Response        CT DEEP Response

Rhode Island Covid Information    RI DEM Guidance

  Read more about NEMBA COVID Guidance for Rides & Trail Care Sessions

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Bradford Area Community Trails

143 East Main St
Bradford  New Hampshire  03221
United States









This trail was developed by the Kearsarge Area Trail Association in conjunction with the Town of Bradford.  The goal was to build a multi-use trail on the unused property behind the Bradford Area Community Center (BACC).  With more trails are planned, the newly built trail is mostly single-track-width and incorporates a number of features found on the property.  The property spans a relatively flat area of Bradford and the trail was cut in a manner that allows a rider to maintain a relatively constant speed along the entire ride.  Several bridges were required to span wet areas and the trail builders retained some of the “unique” items the property collected over the years (see if you can find the cast iron skillet, old Ford hubcap, and the metal hoop from a wooden barrel.)


From the parking lot of the BACC, head straight to the back of the lot to access the trail.  About fifty yards in, the trail makes a “T”.  From here take a right and ride past the old foundation (keep it on your left) to find the entrance to the Ridge Line section of the trail in front of you.  This runs through the woods on the east side of the property and then heads downhill at the back of the property (keeping the stone wall on your right.)  At the bottom of the Back Wall section of the trail, you will ride across a bridge, up a short/steep section and then back out into the field.  Take the next right down a double-track section and look for the new single-track on your left (after the big tree.)    This section winds around itself a bit and then comes back out at the old foundation.  Take a quick right to go back into the woods, eventually crossing the double-track section and winding your way to the Hidden Pond section (note both a beaver lodge and a Great Blue Heron nest in the pond).  As you leave the pond behind you, you will head back to the main double-track that returns you to the BACC.   The BACC loop was designed to be ridden counter-clockwise but works in either direction.  Have fun!


No photo description available. Read more about Bradford Area Community Trails

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Local Eats

The Village Cafe

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CNH NEMBA Trail Building Day


9/28/19 (All day)

Just last week the City Council of Franklin approved the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on building trails at Veterans Memorial Recreation Area. On behalf of NEMBA I signed off on the document this morning.

So Trail Buiding Day #1 will be Saturday, September 28 @ 9 am. Please bring hand tools, work gloves, plenty of water, and snacks. The goal is to rough in two trails and get a better scope on future development. There is talk of having access to a mini excavator if we have any operators out there �

Meet Saturday 9/28 at 9 am. 

Veterans Memorial Recreation Ski Area

266 Flaghole Road, Franklin, NH

Hope to see you there.  For info message Kyle at 802-233-9135

And I am really hoping my good friends at Kettlehead Brewing kick us down some beers for apres ;-)

Please feel free to contact (DM) me on Facebook with any questions.

  Save time by signing NEMBA"s once-a-year Trail Care Waiver ahead of time.


Kyle T. Matzke Read more about CNH NEMBA Trail Building Day


Central NH

Event Leader

Mike Geldermann

CNH NEMBA Franklin Falls Trail Day


5/14/19 9:00am

Central New Hampshire NEMBA Franklin Falls Trail Day

Come join us at Franklin Falls to help build the Heritage Trail re-route this Saturday, May 18th at 9AM. All of the trails have been cleaned up and leaf-blown so we can focus exclusively on moving an eroded section of the trail to a more sustainable (and hopefully fun) location. 

We have a good selection of trail building tools, but extra shovels, rakes, and loppers always come in handy.

We'll have snacks and water in the morning and should finish up by noon with cheese burgers and hot dogs. 

Of course, bring your bike if you want to ride after. If you have any questions call or text Matt Bowser at 603-491-5448

Hope to see you on the 18th.

You do not have to be a member of NEMBA to help out.  You just have to want to make Franklin Falls' trails better

Oh! You can savr time by siging NEMBA'a once-a-year Trail Care & Ride Waivers ahead of time if you havent' already done so.

   Read more about CNH NEMBA Franklin Falls Trail Day


Central NH


Event Leader

Matt Bowser

Central NH NEMBA Chapter Meeting & Social


3/21/19 (All day)

Hey Everybody!  

Don't miss our Spring Meeting next Thursday Evening, March 21 at 6pm!
Come to talk bikes and hear about new trail plans for 2019. 

All mountain bikers welcome, bring all your riding buddies for a fun social night.  
The apps and first drink is on us!

Onions Pub and Restaurant  255 Main Street, Tilton, NH
In the Town Square.  

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mike Geldermann
President - Central NH NEMBA Read more about Central NH NEMBA Chapter Meeting & Social


Central NH

Event Leader

Mike Gelderman

Central NH NEMBA Autumn Social & Annual Meeting


11/8/18 (All day)

CNH Autumn Meeting.jpg


All friends of the Central New Hampshire Chapter of NEMBA are invited to join us on

Thursday, November 8, 2018 at the Highland Pub for our Autumn Social and Annual Meeting.


Central NH NEMBA Autumn Social and Annual Meeting

November 8th, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Highland Pub

Highland Mountain Bike Park

75 Ski Hill Drive

Northfield, N.H.



After a short business meeting to review what we accomplished this past year and our plans for the coming year, we will gather to socialize and talk bikes, beer and trails.


The Highland Pub offers a great selection of food and craft beer (and the first beer will be on us!).


We look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating a year of many achievements! Hoping to see many new faces, you need not be a member! Read more about Central NH NEMBA Autumn Social & Annual Meeting


Central NH


Event Leader

Mike Geldermann

Central NH NEMBA Trail Build


11/3/18 9:00am

Come join the Central New Hampshire Chapter of NEMBA on Saturday November 3rd at 9 AM to help build a new mountain bike trail on the City's Broken Ground property right in Concord.

We will meet just past the Portsmouth Street kiosk on the access road to the water tower (located here: 43.228604, -71.495165).

When finished, the new trail will be over 1.25 miles long, so we have our work cut out for us. The trail bed will be laid out, but we'll still need to rake the trail bed as well as bench and berm a few sections. We'll have fire rakes, Rogue Hoes, shovels, and other trail building tools, but we can always use more leaf rakes, spade shovels, and of course volunteers who like to get dirty.

After we finish up between 12 and 1 we'll be hosting a cookout to help thank you for your hard work. Feel free to bring your bikes to try out the new trail.

If you have any questions, call or text Matt Bowser @603-491-5448

See you there. Read more about Central NH NEMBA Trail Build


Central NH

Event Leader

Matt Bowser