Food Network, Keene

Southern NH

Food Network, Keene

1 Forge St
Keene  New Hampshire  03431
United States
The parking area is 100 yards south of Forge Street.








The Food Network is great place to ride in Keene New Hampshire.

Located just outside town on the west side of Route 111 there are plenty of trails of varying difficulty to enjoy.

Abuting the trails is the Cheshire Recreational Rail Trail which is flat and serves as an easy way back to your car after the ride.

Expect to climb a lot. There are many hills to climb. But that also means many trails to descend.

While the majority of the trails are of moderate difficulty there's one exception.

Espresso is a long technical downhill through a logged area with countless sharp turns and some moderate technical features.

Espresso is the only Black rated trail on the Trailforks map.

Don't even think of trying it as an uphill. When you ride it you'll note that new options, not yet on the map are in the works.

If you're a local you'll probably ride here a lot.

If you're a visitor, I expect that you'll be back.


   Bill Boles