Pease Town Forest, Newington

Southern NH

Pease Town Forest, Newington

123 Arboretum Drive
Newington  New Hampshire  03801
United States
The trailhead is on Fox Point Rd. just north of the intersection.








Pease Town Forest is the oldest town forest in the United States.

Incorporated 1710, within it is nestled over 8 miles of high-quality, fast, flowy and fun singletrack.

Originally used by residents for firewood, hunting and grazing, now, more than 300 years later, it's become conservation land.

Placed between the north end of Pease ANGB's airfield and the historic downtown of Newington, the trails don't make sense for the average walker or hiker.

But they come perfectly together on two wheels - they were cut with mountain biking mind.

It is a very unique spot as the southern tip of the Camel Humps trail abuts the North Ramp of the Air Force base, with clear views of the aircraft taking off and landing at the mixed-used airport.

Expect to have jet engines interrupt the peace and quiet of the forest.

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