Team NEMBA Racing Early Season Update

Thursday, May 29, 2014

As I write this my home trails in Central NH are just starting to dry out.  Many spots in New England are getting the latest start we’ve gotten for the last few years.  Not a problem though, that just means we won’t burn out mid-Summer and we’ll be ready for a long fall of bug free riding!

We’ve already gotten a few races under our belts including a messy King of Burlingame Time Trial down in RI.  Dana Finch wrote a great recap in our NEMBA Racing Blog.  Be sure to follow along this season as we recap our successes, failures, and general calamity.

Back in late April we got the team together for our first ‘Meet & Greet’ ride to officially kick off our season.  Fifteen of us met in Merrimack, NH to ride Horse Hill Nature Preserve.  Several of our racers are local to Merrimack and do much of the building and trail maintenance in the area (Thanks guys!).  And of course, a few of our regroups on the ride included a bit of trail maintenance and brainstorming for future re-routes and new trails.

33% of the group was still riding their fat bikes well into the spring.  Must be something to those things huh?  Are we still calling those a fad? Or have we moved past that?

Racing is fun, but nothing quite beats a well paced group ride with good people on great trails followed up by grilled meats and a few adult beverages.  We are looking forward to a busy month of May and rolling straight through into the summer races and another NEMBAfest.

By the time you read this I’m hoping you’ve been seeing a lot more of our green and black kits riding/racing in your area.  If I have my way, green and black will be the predominant color scheme at every race in New England and not just XC but also Enduro in 2015! Stay tuned...

--Kevin Orlowski