Help Increase DCR Funding

Friday, June 21, 2019

Support Increased Funding for the DCR

The Massachusetts House and Senate Conference Committee is working on the Final State Budget to send to the Governor.

The House voted a $4.5 million dollar increase to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation's operating budget.

But the Senate voted an increase of only $2.2 million. 

If the Senate budget is approved we lose! DCR will not be able to provide essential services to Massachusetts Forest & Parks visitors.

If the House budget is approved we win! DCR will be able to continue its recovery from the devastating 33% staff reductions that have taken place sincec 2009.  And, among other things, allow DCR to staff a roving Maintenance & Repair crew, hire addition full time and part time staff, and re-open some closed Visitor's Centers.

Act now! Call your State Representative & Senator and urge them to contact the Conference Committee members and support the House's $4.5 million dollar line item 2810-0100.

These calls will only take you a few minutes and may result in a much better outdoor experience for us all.