GB NEMBA - March Chapter Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 21, 2021



01Mar2021 GBNEMBA Chapter Meeting Minutes

@ Zoom 6:30pm

Minutes will be approved and accepted at the next Chapter Meeting by a quorum vote.


In attendance: 54 People. Mary McCarthy, Bill Cohn, Tom Grimble, Adam Glick, Corey Bollier, Mark Bialis, Rob Auffrey, Lee Hollenbeck, Bill Boles, Curtis Jackson, Paige Parker, Eli L, Matt Conlon, Steve Cobble, Jon Malone, Tim Post, Larry VanDen H, Ilana Knopf, Scott Shedeck, Mike Coolen, Matt Murray, Kol Birke, Steve Pacini, Chris Magnell, Bruce Rioux, Scott Benowicz, Roberto Melendez, Chris Andrews, Junko Kato, Abigail & Pete Coyle, Brian Kimball, James Bearfield, Garry Waldeck, Chris Lavoie, Gary Shapiro, Brandon Morphew, Dan M, Helder, Mike O’Conner, Thomas Caovette, Chriis Graveline, Anita Brewers, Corey O’Conner, Doug, Jong, Eric Wemhoff, Scott Apelgren, Sam Brody, Lauren Kling, Frank Lane, Maciej S, Mike T, Anne Raymond


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Accept the Minutes – Thank you Corey B.
  3. Trail Updates
    1. Western Greenway – Tom Grimble gave a presentation on Beaver Brook. Upcoming season full of trail work and trail building projects.
      1. The parking area is being evaluated, the town knows it gets busy and is not large enough to accommodate.
      2. The police want to have more visibility from the road when they are passing by, as it stands now it is difficult for them to see into the lot.
      3. The rotary near the area is also being evaluated. There is talk of a new walkway (paved likely) to help get cyclists away from the rotary.
      4. Could we do something with the pump track to make it more legit?
        1. It was noted that the DCR (and/or town?) leveled it twice. Conflicting insights as to why.
      5. Brookhaven Elder Trail
        1. Walk bikes if you are going through this area – as signs indicate. There are a lot of older people from the nearby facility that use the trail and they may not be quick to move and are more apt to be startled.  NEMBA supports absolute adherence to keeping this passage safe for the eldery.
        2. Better yet, avoid the trail- it only adds about 600 feet and just is not worth it.
      6. We are working with land management entities in Waltham to determine access to trails on Paine Estate. GB NEMBA has heard conflicting accounts.
      7. There is an area owned by the MA Audubon known as “Habitat”. This area is closed to bikes. NEMBA has no plans to pursue access in this area. The area currently is only open to Audubon members (even for walking).
      8. Future trail connections- would be nice to connect this network to the Fells and LLF, but this may be a way off.
      9. GB NEMBA has established a Western Greenway Working Group to engage 6 additional active GB NEMBA members who are WG riders and enthusiasts to help lead the charge on WG engagement.  They are Tom & Reenie Greene, Ilana Knopf, Lauren Laskey, Brandon Morphew, and Scott Shedeck


    1. Landlocked Forest - Trail Naming Project still in progress, but there may be a lead on names coming from a historic map that was discovered. The consensus was that there is certainly a benefit to having trails named and signed appropriately.  Should be hearing back from the Town of Burlington on a meadow mowing project tentatively set for Saturday, April 24. Up to 10 volunteers needed. Reach out to Bill Cohn if you are interested.


    1. The Fells - Boardwalk proposal still under review with DCR. Still a call for members to snap some pics of the area where the proposed boardwalk will go (“Money Hill Mud Pit”). This is the time of year when the area is most noticeable.


      1. Chris Redfern is the newest President of the Friends of the Fells. He seems open to partnering with NEMBA to help protect the trails.
        1. He seems sincere about partnering and putting the past behind both organizations. We all want to protect the trails from erosion and protect the habitat.
      2. We still want to get more signage and more access for mountain biking. Signage will be helpful for all users. Riders visiting from outside the local area will be more able to stay on approved trails.
      3. Both FoF and NEMBA can agree that one of the biggest issues in the Fells are the off-leash dogs and the dog poop that comes with this.
    1. Lynn Woods
      1. Closed for mud season.
  1. Trail Preparedness – discussion about how to be prepared for emergencies.
    1. How to drop a pin on your phone and share location with authorities.
    2. Take CPR courses or wilderness medicine.
      1. Calling 911 is always the first thing to do before beginning any rescue attempts.
      2. If in a group, give someone the order to call 911, assign tasks to people there.
  2. Trail building – who wants to get involved?
    1. April Chapter Meeting will have a special focus on the topic “So You Want to Build a Trail” many people have great ideas and NEMBA has a lot of experience with the process which is multi-faceted. Let’s bring the two together because Build First – Ask Later rarely works out in the long haul.  If you have any trail building questions you would like addressed in this discussion– please send them in advance to mmccarthy@nemborg
    2. Local ridership should help more than just giving suggestions on where trails should be built. Always work with land managers, but afterwards be involved, do not just assume NEMBA will go do it.
    3. Is it ok for anyone to remove downed trees or other hazards from the trails? Yes, but no one should be using chainsaws unless they are trained, and the work is approved.
    4. Trail School – there is a 4-week online program and four people interested in taking it. Will GBNEMBA sponsor these individuals? Yes, unanimously approved by all present.
  3. Next meeting April 05, 2021.
  4. Adjourn 8:05pm