Congratulations to Brattleboro Keene Chapter!

Monday, June 21, 2021


The New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) and Eco-Counter are excited to announce that the Brattleboro-Keene Chapter of NEMBA (BK-NEMBA) is the winner of this summer’s grant program to support data collection on trails.

Through the grant, BK-NEMBA are awarded two PYRO Box Evo portable trail counters for the summer, in addition to expert assistance from Eco-Counter on setting up a count program and getting the most out of their data.

BK-NEMBA was founded in 2009 to advocate for improved access to Pisgah State Park and steward trails in the Keene (NH) to Brattleboro (VT) area. The chapter works in partnership with public and private landowners to improve access and build strong positive relationships with land managers.


"BK-NEMBA is very excited to be awarded the Eco-Counter grant for the summer of 2021. Having accurate user counts at the trailheads of the Greater Goose Pond Forest will help the chapter and the City of Keene identify high use trailheads that could benefit from additional parking or improved amenities such as signage and/or kiosks, as well as determine under-utilized trailheads that could be further promoted or improved to help distribute parking and user concentrations. We look forward to analyzing the data this fall."

-Michael Davern
Chapter President, Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA


Stay tuned to the Eco-Counter blog and newsletter, in addition to the NEMBA Facebook page for photo and data updates from the BK-NEMBA count program this summer. This fall, tune into a joint follow up webinar to discover what they were able to do with one summer’s worth of data.


About the NEMBA – Eco-Counter Partnership

NEMBA and Eco-Counter’s educational partnership aims to develop and share knowledge and best practices surrounding the use of count data to demonstrate the value (including but not limited to economic impact) of mountain bike trails in New England. The partnership focuses on educational webinars, the development and distribution of resources, and a competitive grant program.