BVNEMBA 1/8/18 Chapter Meeting Recap

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Notes from Blackstone Valley NEMBA chapter meeting January 8, 2018 at CraftRoots Brewing in Milford



  • Around the room introductions of names and local parks we ride in
  • Great turnout of ~42 people, happy to see so many of our regulars and also some new faces
  • Thanks to everyone for your participation


Election and Treasurer’s Report

  • The chapter voted to re-elect the same officers, thanks to all for continuing in your positions: Brian Forestal as President, Eammon Carleton as Vice President, Rick Attridge as Treasurer, Anne Shepard as Secretary
  • The chapter spent some money during the last period on women’s summit reimbursement, fun ride support, tools, and pizza. However we remain in good shape fiscally with some funds to use towards trail projects this spring. We will establish a treasurer’s report format for the next meeting


Vietnam Land Management Committee

  • John Goeller is seeking some new members for the VLMC. This groups helps lead and set direction for projects in Vietnam and surrounding properties. John and Jonathan Niro provided an update on some of the changes going on, and talked about possibly bringing back trail work Tuesdays, or something similar
  • John said that Willie Jacobsz plans to join the committee, so thanks to Willie and Fitch Proctor, Len ONeil, and Wayne Reavill who also volunteered to join. We all appreciate your efforts for Vietnam!


Fun ride

  • The fun ride at MTF was a big success, with about 180 riders participating, and we were able to contribute the proceeds to Mendon Town Forrest
  • We also announced that the fun ride for this year will be on October 21st at Douglas State Park
  • The chapter would like to hold one every year, and while it was suggested we do more than one annually, we agreed it was quite a bit of work just doing one!


Bridge builds and trail work

  • The chapter raised interest in some bridge projects in Upton, Dover, Douglas and Callahan, and we’ll look forward to working with the trail stewards to organize these projects for the spring
  • We have a bridge build in Douglas already scheduled for April 29
  • We have further work coming up this year in West Hill Dam as well. The new section of trail is riding well and after we help with some signage, rerouting, and a kids playground, we’ll be working on building more new trail


Trail Groomer

  • Lots of good discussion on the possibility of the chapter purchasing winter trail grooming equipment
  • Something like a Snow Dog could also potentially be used to transport materials for trail and bridge work projects
  • The chapter was in favor of further researching the idea
  • Next steps are to look into which parks would allow use of a grooming machine, and possibly setting up a Go Fund Me page like some of the other chapters have done. Together with raising funds and also a chapter contribution, we may be able to consider purchasing equipment


Other / Misc.

  • Up to date chapter information is available on our Face Book page. While we try to also disseminate information to chapter members by email and the NEMBA website, the best way to access current information is on the BV NEMNA Face Book page.

  • Mike Tonry is working on signage and trail names