2021 NEMBA Signature Trail Grants

Monday, April 19, 2021

NEMBA Awards $20,000 in 2021 for Signature Trail Grant Funding

Two volunteer organized projects received funds to create new community trails.

Each year New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA) provides financial support through grants to enable mountain bikers and trail stewardship partners to perform trail projects on public land where mountain biking is allowed.

The Signature Trail Grants program provides funding for exceptional trail projects spearheaded and executed by a NEMBA Chapter and are limited to the creation of new trails and trail systems. Since 2018 this program has awarded $90,000 for significant regional trail projects.


Greater Portland NEMBA Chapter and the Gorham Conservation Commission will team up to create a beginner friendly flow trail. The trail will have berms, rollers and progressive jumps that will entice beginner – intermediate level riders and especially kids. While also being fun for advance level riders. Utilizing existing natural features such as knolls and depressions it will be ¾ mile long and adjacent to the Lavoie Bike Park. The bike park located between Gorham’s high and middle school campuses currently has a pump track and a 15-mile trail network.

Sam Morton notes that, "Powered by an unstoppable group of core volunteers, the Gorham trail system and Greater Portland are becoming a regional destination for mountain bikers of all ages. We're looking forward to kicking off the project soon and hope to have tires on dirt by mid-summer."


Quiet Corner NEMBA Chapter will build an entirely new multi-purpose trail system on Town of Pomfret (CT) land.  The project will include 13+ miles of trails, a skills park, and direct access to the state’s Airline trail. The trail system will be designed for novice riders but will be fun for advanced riders too. QC NEMBA believes that helping to develop newer riders is critical to the future of their chapter and the sport.

Pomfret is within an hour’s drive of Hartford, Providence, and Worcester. It is intended to become a new regional riding destination. Cris Cadiz notes that, “Because we are a small, younger chapter with mostly state-owned riding venues and limited funds, we haven’t been able to think big or do much regarding trails beyond maintenance in our region. The NEMBA Signature Trail Grant allows QC NEMBA to create a cohesive project and exciting goal for our chapter. It will benefit our current members, other trail users and help us grow our chapter membership and increase visibility for NEMBA.

Trails for newer riders are extremely hard to find in our area of gnarly, old school riding. The Pomfret Trails will offer all NEMBA members a new place to explore. Advanced riders can connect the new trail system to miles upon miles of riding in Goodwin and Natchaug State Forests via the Airline State Park Rail Trail for some epic adventures.”