NEMBA Trail Grants

Need a bit of funding for a trail project? Let NEMBA help.

NEMBA Trail Grants

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Have a favorite trail that needs some TLC? Want to build a new one? Each year, NEMBA awards between $4000 and $5000 in grants for projects around New England. Only grant requests between $100 and $500 will be accepted. Although one can utilize a NEMBA Trail Grant to partialy fund a larger project that has other funding.

NEMBA grants provide financial support to enable mountain bikers and trail stewardship partners to perform trail projects on public land where mountain biking is allowed. Preference is given to projects that build or improve trails, but all projects will be considered.

These grants can be awarded to NEMBA chapters, land managers and non-profit organizations.  

Application Deadlines

  • Spring:   March 15 (Awarded March 30)
  • Fall:       August 31 (Awarded September 15th)

Applying for a NEMBA Trail Grant:

Applications should be emailed as PDFs. Include all supporting documents in the PDF.

1) Short description of the project and why it is necessary (i.e. less than a page).
2) Letter of support from the land management agency supporting and approving of your project.
3) Budget of how the money is to be spent. (Getting vendor quotes is a good idea).
4) A map of where the project is to take place.

Download a PDF of the NEMBA Grant Application

PDFs should be sent to and CC'd to If you are unable to send a PDF you can send it as a word document but PDFs are preferred. 

If the applicant represents an organization, please include the cover copy of your IRS Determination letter. Applicants may also include pictures, diagrams, etc of their proposed project, but they aren't required.



NEMBA Signature Trail Grants

NEMBA's Signature Trail Grant Program provides funding for exceptional trail projects spearheaded and executed by a NEMBA Chapter and are limited to the creation of new trails and trail systems. 

Only open to NEMBA chapters the program's goal is to "get more trails on the ground".

      Funded NEMBA Signature Trail Grants