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News & Events

NEMBA puts on many rides, trail care events, skills training, charity rides and lots more. Come ride with us! Come volunteer with us!

Use the search function to find the perfect event for you. You only need to use the seach field you wish. For example, you can filter for all rides by just selecting "Rides" in the event field.  Or you can select rides in your chapter by selecting both "Rides" and your "Chapter". You can also select events by state and region.

All of our rides and trail care events require that you sign our liability waiver. Click here to sign our Annual Online Smartwaiver for both our NEMBA Rides and NEMBA Trail Care Events.

 Please become a member if you come to our rides. We will provide each of these waivers at our events.

E.g., 01/17/20
E.g., 01/17/20
2/15/20 9:00am

Southeastern Massachusetts

SE MA NEMBA Saturday Ride

This ride's location and starting time will vary week to week. Contact me for more information.Save time by signing NEMBA's Annual Waiver ahead of time. 

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2/15/20 10:00am

TBD, Cape Cod or SE MAss

Cape Cod NEMBA Saturday Mellow Ride

-Saturday Mellow rides are designed to be fun!They are low key follow the leader rides where the goal is to get out and enjoy the woods rather than race through them.The trails we ride are usually easy and this is a perfect ride for people with developing skills, kids and families and people...

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2/16/20 (All day)

SE MA NEMBA Wompy Winterfest

Wompy WinterfestOn Sunday February 16 SE MA NEMBA and the Friends of Wompatuck State Park will be hosting a Winterfest.Since we can't predict the weather that far in advance we won't know what the conditions are like till the day of the event.But, unless there's a blizzard going or, or deep...

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2/16/20 9:30am to 11:45am

Food Network

BK NEMBA Sunday Morning Rides

Sunday Morning Rides.  Meet at the dirt pull off past the YMCA in Keene.

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2/16/20 10:00am

Six Rivers NEMBA Sunday Morning Ride

Six Rivers NEMBA Sunday Morning Ride SeriesSix Rivers will be running Sunday Morning Rides from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM  in conjunction with The Merrymeeting Wheelers beginning in October and running through March. Locations TBD and listed on   Save time by signing NEMBA's once...

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2/17/20 (All day)

Cape Cod NEMBA Monday Women's Ride

Calling all ladies! Monday nights are girls night out! Women’s mountain bike ride starting at 5:30 from Sea Sports in Hyannis.We will be exploring some of the Old Jail Lane trails. Ride will probably be 7-8 ish miles depending on levels of riders, a couple of these miles are on the road to get...

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2/18/20 (All day)

Cape Cod NEMBA - Bikezone Tuesday ToT Ride

Bike Zone Tuesday Bruiseday.We will be riding every week Tuesday at 6:30, unless there are major downpours.The ride will leave from the Trail of Tears parking lot at 1590 Race Lane at 6:30 P.M.

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2/18/20 5:00pm

Lowell Dracut Tyngsboro State Forest

Tuesday Night Lowell Dracut Tyngsboro ride


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2/18/20 6:00pm

Mine Falls, Nashua NH

SNH NEMBA Mine Falls Coed Novice Ride

Details: This is a no drop, no pressure, fun ride!We will be meeting at the parking lot at the end of Coliseum Ave. (Off Rt 3, Exit 6 - this is the street that runs behind the Kohl's Shopping Plaza). Be on the lookout for a blue Ford Explorer SUV as we'll meet there for a pre-ride discussion....

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2/18/20 6:00pm

Merrimack Valley NEMBA by GratefulTread Tuesday Ride

Our Tuesday evening “Easy Rider” ride is aimed at maxing out the fun factor while not being overly technical.We try to get in about 10 miles and have it last around 2 hours.We ride at Russell Mill in Chelmsford and the Billerica State Forest .The pace is generally more mellow than our Thursday...

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