CE ME NEMBA Titcomb Women's Clinic


7/8/18 (All day)

The 4TH Annual Titcomb Mountain Womens Clinic is brought to you by The Central Maine NEMBA Dirt Divas; a women's group dedicated to helping more women get involved in the sport of mountain biking. The goal of this clinic is to give women riders valuable skills for their riding and build a better community of female riders in the region.  This is a free clinic and snacks/water will be provided after the clinic.  Donations are appreciated and all funds go directly into the bike trails at the venue.

The 3 groups will be separated based on self-determined riding level.  This is not a determination of fitness, but more of your comfort on a bike and technical riding ability in mixed terrain.

Beginner:  This is for riders that have perhaps recently purchased their first mountain bike, are getting back to the sport after a long hiatus, or want to work on some basic riding skills.  The instructors will be using a mix of "trail in a track"(nordic trail) and some of the singletrack on the lower(flatter) portions of the mountain. Bike fit, body position, braking, shifting, using your momentum, and riding over small obstacles will be some of the key points that are covered. 

Intermediate: This is for those riders that have a couple seasons of riding under their belt and have started to venture out to the various trails in the region with more regularity.  You probably find yourself able to ride most trails in the region but there are features and areas that still give you trouble and you'd love some tricks on how to navigate trickier sections, climb uphill corners, traverse technical rock features, ride bridges, or just feel more comfortable when the terrain gets challenging.

Advanced: You consider yourself a solid rider and you easily navigate most all of the trails you regularly ride. You love big power moves, technical descents, and anything that you might not make. Your skill level is probably dictated seasonally by your fitness and as you get stronger you find yourself getting faster and more comfortable.  This clinic will be more of a rolling ride/clinic where regular stops will be made to "session" challenging features, technical climbs, berms/cornering, and practice descending skills.

To sign up go here.  https://www.bikereg.com/titcomb-womens-clinic



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