BK NEMBA Trail Day In the Food Network


5/6/21 (All day)

Who wants to have some fun?

Lets meet this Saturday at 8:30 AM (or whenever you drag yourself out of bed) in West Keene at the start of Biscuits and Gravy in the Food Network.

Not sure where that is, reach out and we can meet up. It's where all the logging starts.

Feel free to walk or ride in.

A lot of the work will be hand work - just moving brush and logs off the trail. Some of the branches are embedded in the mud, so bring gloves. If you are walking in, bring a metal garden rake. A small handsaw could come in handy as well.

We'll be able to spread the work out, but throw a mask in your pocket in case you end up getting close to people.

I'll be asking people to sign in, to help track volunteer hours and for Covid protocols.

Sign the NEMBA Annual Waiver ahead of time if you haven't already done so.


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Event Leader

Mike Davern