BVNEMBA 7/31/17 Chapter Meeting Recap

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Notes from Blackstone Valley NEMBA chapter meeting July 31st, 2017 at CraftRoots Brewing in Milford

*Next chapter meeting will be Sunday, October 22nd in the afternoon. We will plan a ride at Mendon Town Forest and the meeting afterwards. More details to come.

We had about 26 attendees and great participation. Feedback on the location is that it’s a great spot! Thanks to all who came out and joined us.

 Ride schedule –
  • There is some interest in a week day ride, and continued interest for beginner groups and family style rides (Bill Dakai will be leading some Tuesday morning rides, see FB or contact Bill for details)
  • We could also have more regular weekend rides if we have any ride leaders interested in posting
  • Drop the second rider has been working well for large groups
  • We think it would be a good idea to get more BVNEMBA members familiar with Mendon Town Forest before the fun ride Nov. 12th, so we’ll be hosting more frequent rides there.
  • Thank you to all the ride leaders and subs that have been helping out this year – Eammon Carleton, Mortiz Schmid, Bill Dakai, John Goeller, Mike Murphy, Kim Powell, Rick Attridge
West Hill Dam – Thank you to Moritz Schmid for taking on the role of trail steward at West Hill Dam and working with Ranger Ron. We have a new trail project there that we are excited about and have mapped out about a mile of new trail. Credit to Bill Dakai for doing all the legwork to get this project in the works.

Vietnam – 2 new bridges were built in Vietnam and John Goeller has also mapped out an additional mile or so of new trail and received approval. We’ll be building the trail on Saturday morning, August 19th if anyone volunteers would like to join us. Thank you John for your continued efforts on Vietnam. By the way, as discussed in our last chapter meeting, we moved the Geo point for our chapter on the NEMBA map from Worcester to Vietnam.

Other trail work – members have ideas and are working on approvals for other trail work and bridges in Callahan, Upton, Douglas and Mendon. There is about a half a mile of new trail in Mendon Town Forest at the end of sidewinder that is getting great reviews. A member asked about interest in trail work on week days, for people who work different schedules. If anyone has interest please reach out to Brian.

Treasurer’s Report
  • As of June 30 the chapter has received year to date income of approximately $2,000, from chapter rebates and donations
  • Spend so far this year has been right about $2,000 on meeting refreshments, ride leader jerseys, materials for the trailer buildout (thanks again Bill Dakai for your work on that) and  lumber for an Eagle Scout bridge project
  • We have more funds available to continue our efforts, so please keep the trail work and other ideas coming
  • We elected Rick Attridge as the new chapter Treasurer, and want to send a big thank you to Rich Kordell for his years of service as BVNEMBA Treasurer
  • We are up to 720 members on our BVNEMBA Face Book group. When talking to our fellow riders, please encourage them to join NEMBA. The dues support our trail work and remember they are tax deductible
  • Someone asked where the money actually goes. Anne Shepard (NEMBA Treasurer and BVNEMBA secretary) explained the dues go to support salaries, insurance, Single Tracks newsletter, and other operating expenses. A portion of the dues goes directly back to the chapter. Because NEMBA has been growing, the organization was recently able to increase the funds going straight back to the chapters
  • Renewal notices are sent by email and letter. If we can remember to renew when we receive the email we can save the cost of sending the letter
  • Check out the great article by Brenda Smith on supporting your local NEMBA chapter:
Ware River Watershed - We briefly discussed the status of Ware River Watershed. There is an expected reassessment of public impact coming in the fall. Someone suggested following their Friends page on Facebook (“Friends of Ware River Watershed”), they will send alerts on events and solicit public support when needed.

November 12th Mendon Town Forest Fun Ride
  • The chapter is excited to be hosting a fun ride, so please mark your calendars to volunteer/ride
  • A sub-committee has been working on a list of tasks and all the details for the ride. So far we know this information:
    • We have approval to use the large Zoo parking lot
    • We will not be having food trucks or serving food, but will need to direct people to Galliford’s Restaurant at the Zoo
    • We will be working with Chris Nichols (Ovah The Bars LLC) on a sure to be cool kids course
    • We have approval to use Cormier Woods as part of our course, and have the required insurance in place
    • We are still working on a beginner’s course, as generally the terrain is intermediate
    • We will be asking for donations instead of charging a fee, and will donate proceeds to Mendon Town Forest
    • We will have a fire pit and water stop
    • We have the event as a place holder on FB and the NEMBA website, but will be working on a detailed write-up and then we will distribute and socialize