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Mount Agamenticus, Southern ME

This ride is adapted from Mountain Biking Northern New England (formerly The Mountain Biker's Guide to Northern New England), by Paul Angiolillo. It's a compilation of sixty-nine rides in VT, NH, and ME. A companion volume, Mountain Biking Southern New England, covers MA, CT, and RI. Both are available in outdoor stores and bike shops or from Menasha Ridge Press, 1-800-247-9437. Paul Angiolillo can be reached at 781-893-1341 (Waltham, MA) or by email at angiolillo@msn.com.
This southernmost mountain biking area in Maine has many miles of trails, including the eight-mile loop described here. Most of the loop follows moderately technical double- and single-track trails through secluded woods, with about a mile on two-wheel-drive dirt roads. There is an easier loop that connects with this one just to the west. Except for a short stretch at the beginning and end of this ride on a dirt road, you're in woods. Like all forests, though, this is more than trees. Besides stands of hardwood and softwood trees, you pass a large pond, a swamp, several brooks, and stone walls.

You can also ride or drive up the steep, paved access road at the beginning of the ride to the summit of Mt. Agamenticus, where you can climb a fire tower for a panoramic view and relax on a clearing. Then you might descend on a short, steep trail at the northern edge of the parking lot, which veers left and comes out on the access road after eight-tenths of a mile. Four miles north of the ride is Maine's most popular ocean beach, Ogunquit Beach.

General Location

York, ME, four miles west of Interstate 95.

Elevation change

This ride is on relatively flat terrain, with short climbs and descents.


Riding is good from June through winter, with some wetness during the spring.


All services are available along U.S. 1.


These secluded trails can be tricky to follow at times--especially in autumn, when leaves cover tracks. But the area is compact and bounded on all sides by roads, so you can orient yourself. The trails are also used occasionally by hikers, equestrians, and all-terrain vehicles.

Rescue Index

You can be about three miles from assistance at the furthest.

Land status

Old roads and public trails on town water-supply land.


USGS, York Harbor, ME, 7.5'. Not all of the single-track trails on this ride are mapped.

Finding the Trail

From the south, take the last exit before the toll on Interstate 95, at York Village. Head north on U.S. 1 for 3.5 miles (a half-mile past the junction with U.S. 1A). Turn left onto Mountain Road, following it for four miles and watching so that you don't fork onto smaller roads. After about three miles, fork left onto Agamenticus Road. Just before the road becomes dirt, there is a turnoff on the right. You can park here, or turn right and climb on pavement to a parking lot at Mt. Agamenticus. Sources of additional information: A group ride often meets at Mt. Agamenticus on weekend mornings. Bicycle Bob's Bicycle Outlet, 167 State Road, Kittery ME 03904, (207) 439-3605 is a full-service mountain bike shop.

Notes on the trail

You can begin by riding westward on unpaved Agamenticus Road. After a half-mile, turn left sharply downhill onto a 4wd road. After one-tenth of a mile, turn left. At one mile, you will pass a pond on the left. The trail may become harder to follow for a while: keep going straight (southeastward), veering left at 1.2 miles and passing a reservoir on the right visible through the trees.

At 1.3 miles, you will reach the main north-south trail through this area. Turning left on it takes you back to Agamenticus Road, for a short loop. Otherwise, turn right onto a single-track trail uphill. When you reach a pond on the right at 1.5 miles, turn left. Turn left again uphill at 1.8 miles. This scenic single-track trail follows along a pond, and then becomes wider and grassier. At about three miles, turn right sharply. (If you miss this turn northward, you will soon reach a paved road.) At an upcoming clearing, veer left. At about four miles, turn right, then right again at 4.1 miles, and another right at about five miles. At six miles, veer right at the reservoir through the trees, on the same trail you came up on. You will reach the main trail junction at 6.3 miles. Turn right on a double-track trail. At seven miles, you will reach paved Agamenticus Road. Turn left and ride a short distance back to the access road for Mt. Agamenticus.